June 2019 Dev Journal—Ethnis Lite, Goals Hit

May was an excellent month!

Ethnis Lite Alpha is Live!

Ethnis Light TTRPG Icon
After 2 months of dev, the first draft of the Ethnis Lite RPG is available to the public!   We are extremely proud of our progress in getting this off the ground and into Alpha. Of course, there is always more to do, and we're a couple months away from Beta still, but the way is clear and our support is strong—it's only a matter of time before we wrap up this stage and move onto the next... and onto the next...   Check out the video to the right and the content here to read more. And if you like that you're going to Love the Core RPG.
Getting Ethnis Lite out the door has been an absolute adventure. From flattening out the design with Ademal to getting the blocks all gussied up the day before the stream. It's just been amazing to be able to sit down, show off what we have made and have a lot of people embrace it. I really hope that it not only brings people into the world of Ethnis but also allows them to make experiences out of their own world.   This is but the first Chapter in the Ethnis Lite adventure, and I'm stoked to develop it further.
— Barron

Supported Worlds

A couple of worlds have already stepped forward to have Ethnis Lite integration. We are working with them to adapt Lite to their worlds, and even have a test campaign organized with Menicia!  
A solarpunk sci-fi setting in a future where humanity wises up about how we care for our world.
What is Menicea
Generic article | Aug 29, 2020

A rich fantasy setting about a country in the midst of a time of renaissance and grand adventures.

New Art

We've continued our work with Antti and got a piece that we are super proud to share. Kona Helmshigh, a character with a lot of history in previous campaigns, is our model for the Valuselu Pact.   With such an awesome piece of art, we had to make the article stand out as much as the art did. So Barron took on writing the Parisan and Kona Helmshigh.   With the introduction of Heroes, Barron created Kona as a character, and Ademal used him as a testing ground for the new Ethnis Light blocks. Kona even has his own shirt now, looking ever so gorgeous with the ValuSelu Pact Symbol.


You can also support us through merchandise!   Every few weeks we will be putting up another piece of our art on TeePublic so keep an eye on the Discord and our Twitter to keep up with the newest uploads. Keep in mind that TeePublic puts new merchandise on sale for the first 48 hours it's up!  


100 Days Project

In April we took on the 100 Days Project with the goal of doing 100 new pieces of work in 100 days. It went well at the start, we went through over 30 days without pause and did some amazing work.   A few highlights from Ademal were the Yantra, the Mantra, and the God-Gutter (Gravity Blade). Barron put out a few of his own gems, such as the Frozen Few, Helmshigh Family, and the rework of the Nasyk.
Overall, we learned a lot from taking on the challenge, but in the end had to drop it because we just couldn't maintain it and Ethnis Light development at the same time. We still gained a lot of amazing pieces and inspirations!
To everyone who submitted article ideas, we'll still be knocking those out for you soon!

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    How you can help

    There's high costs associated with a project like Ethnis in terms of art, business fees, promotion, and production. It boils down to time and money, and we can always use help with both.

    Tell your friends about us and subscribe to us on Patreon, and we will put your efforts to good use!

    We are going to make Ethnis no matter what, but the love and resources given to us by our fans drives us and makes Ethnis a reality sooner.

    Support Ethnis
    Organization | Aug 11, 2020

    How you can help Ethnis grow! Share us with friends, give us feedback, and support us on social media and Patreon!


    Our Friends

        Ademal is helping moderate and document TheGreatGM's Saltmarsh Campaign. Check it out! The cast are amazing fun, and Guy is truly a master at his work.

    What's Next?

    • June: SummerCamp Prep

      We are taking this month to work on Ethnis Light and prep for SummerCamp. This means asking our Adepts and Masters what they want to see and plotting a course!

    • July: SummerCamp

      Wherein we will deliver on our goals and document our progress on Twitch, Twitter, and Discord! Expect to see a few writing streams at that time, and for us to be active in our WA chapter and the Ethnis Server

    • August: Ethnis Light Beta

      We should be hitting the Beta or well through it at this point. As more is done, we will be running short campaigns as both play-by-post and live sessions (maybe even streams!) to test them out.

    More Art

    We are 2 commissions down and 5 to go before we have our Hero roster for Ethnis Light. Each illustration represents a Mantle, a Sophont, and a Banner, and helps show what to expect of making a hero in Ethnis Light.  


    Part of SummerCamp prep and execution is cleanup. Our goal is to get the Free Core of Ethnis down to 100 articles, which means that by the end of SummerCamp there will be around 700 articles visible only to Patrons. This number will only go up with time, so consider supporting us if you don't already!  

    Ethnis Eats

    Ethnis Eats is 3 Chapters in and awaiting a port to World Anvil. Once we have a moment to catch our breaths, Ademal will likely port them over all pretty!  

    Tech Update

    Another bit that's been quietly running in the background! We've outlined a lot of how tech works ingame and in universe, and as our project juggling allows will be revealing articles showcasing the various technologies of Ethnis.

    See you in the next dev blog!

    Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


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