July 2019 Dev Journal—E.LITE Summer Camp

June was a month of preparation!

Summer Camp Prep

July is here! It's time for SummerCamp! Between Ethnis Lite RPG production, the 4th of July, and a slew of other plans, out time is limited!   Rather than stressing out alld month, we've decided to tackle all of Summer Camp at once!   Because what could be stressful about that?   Well, obviously, everything, but by doing it all at once we compress all that stress into one blot of time and have a few days to recover before diving into the rest of it!   Join us this Sunday for a 12 hour worldbuilding and writing marathon, where we'll complete all of Summer Camp in a single stream! We'll have community writing sprints, and review articles you write during the stream!  
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    • 5 more supported worlds
    E.Lite RPG
    Generic article | Oct 13, 2020

    How you can help

    There's high costs associated with a project like Ethnis in terms of art, business fees, promotion, and production. It boils down to time and money, and we can always use help with both.

    Tell your friends about us and subscribe to us on Patreon, and we will put your efforts to good use!

    We are going to make Ethnis no matter what, but the love and resources given to us by our fans drives us and makes Ethnis a reality sooner.

    Support Ethnis
    Organization | Aug 11, 2020

    How you can help Ethnis grow! Share us with friends, give us feedback, and support us on social media and Patreon!


    Ghosts of Saltmarsh

    Saltmarsh Episodes
    Generic article | Jun 30, 2019

    All of the episodes of the Ghost of Saltmarsh campaign, updated each time a new episode is uploaded!

      Ademal is helping moderate and document TheGreatGM's Saltmarsh Campaign. Check it out! The cast are amazing fun, and Guy is truly a master at his work.

    Summer Camp 2018 Highlights

    Here are some of our big highlights from last year.

    E.Lite Worlds

    Last month we said that there were two worlds which supported Ethnis Lite. Now there are Seven!   There's a huge variety in these worlds, ranging from grim to hopeful and hard sci-fi to high fantasy. We're excited to see them all grow, to help integrate Ethnis Lite into them, and to further adapt the system from what we learn working with them!   Thanks to Anna Elizabeth Boyett we have a name for these worlds. E.LITE Worlds! Has a nice ring, doesn't it?
    Elite World Support Marker

    By Anna Elizabeth Boyett
    Sci-Fi Hopepunk, Genetics and Terraformation
    A solarpunk sci-fi setting in a future where humanity wises up about how we care for our world.

    What is Menicea
    Generic article | Aug 29, 2020
    By Matthieu A.
    High Fantasy, Wonder and Adventure
    A rich fantasy setting about a country in the midst of a time of renaissance and grand adventures.

    By Damion Otter
    Horror Fantasy, Zombies and Madness
    Where the dead cannot rest. Where brutality and cannibalism are the norm. Where madness lurks. Haven is hellish.

    Exercitum Imperatoria
    Organization | Dec 14, 2018

    The armoured fist of the Emperor

    By Kris Weavill
    Roman Gritty Fantasy
    A Romanesque world of Elves, Man, and Orcs embarking on an age of exploring Ultima Thule—beyond the known world.

    What's Next?

    • July: SummerCamp

      Wherein we will deliver on our goals and document our progress on Twitch, Twitter, and Discord! Expect to see a few writing streams at that time, and for us to be active in our WA chapter and the Ethnis Server

    • August: Ethnis Lite Beta

      We should be hitting the Beta or well through it at this point. As more is done, we will be running short campaigns as both play-by-post and live sessions (maybe even streams!) to test them out.

    • September: Ethnis Lite Print Prep

      At this point we should have some good working copies of Ethnis Lite ready for sale and distribution by this point, and would love to do a livestream of play!

    More Art

    We are 2 commissions down and 5 to go before we have our Hero roster for Ethnis Light. Each illustration represents a Mantle, a Sophont, and a Banner, and helps show what to expect of making a hero in Ethnis Light.  


    Part of SummerCamp prep and execution is cleanup. Our goal is to get the Free Core of Ethnis down to 100 articles, which means that by the end of SummerCamp there will be around 700 articles visible only to Patrons. This number will only go up with time, so consider supporting us if you don't already!  

    Ethnis Eats

    Ethnis Eats is 3 Chapters in and awaiting a port to World Anvil. Once we have a moment to catch our breaths, Ademal will likely port them over all pretty!  

    Tech Update

    Another bit that's been quietly running in the background! We've outlined a lot of how tech works ingame and in universe, and as our project juggling allows will be revealing articles showcasing the various technologies of Ethnis.

    See you in the next dev blog!


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