Apr. 2019: Ethnis Light, 100Days, and Tech

Tech Update

The Technology Update is well underway!   Ademal and Barron are both starting to do their research and taking their notes. Barron has started tackling power generation in Ethnis including Voltaic and Nuclear as well as getting some fancy ideas for Organic technology. There is plenty more to do in terms of research and documentation, but you can see some of his drafts in the Solar Satellite Arrays and Voltaic Energy in Ethnis articles.

100 Days of Ethnis

While we hammered away at the goals this month, we also pushed ourselves to expand our presence on social media. All the cool kids are doing it.   Our Twitter is aflame with inspiration and Ethnis news especially with the start of the 100 Day Project! We have a couple streams that we want to do here soon, and our Facebook page is staying strong!

Ethnis Eats

Ethnis Eats is coming along well!   Barron is working on the manuscript. Chapters 1 and 2 are done with their first draft, and chapter 3 of 10 is underway!   Expect to see Ethnis Eats done for the holidays!
While there is a long road ahead, I have been motivated by the amount of love coming from the community and the excitement to see the final product. I'd also like to that Gorkam Worka for his amazing advice on the first Chapters recipe! I look forward to consulting with you on some future ideas!

RPG Progress

Ethnis Light is underway and a sizeable amount of the Core RPG has been ported over to World Anvil for cleaning and preparation. The current goal release for Ethnis Light is within one month, two at the maximum.



What is Ethnis Light? It's a narrative RPG experience meant for light roleplay within the Ethnis Universe. It has mechanics inspired by the CORE RPG, but uses Fudge Dice instead of a deck of cards. Roleplay will run you through scenarios meant for low-to-mid level characters from the Core.

The Banners Update

By communal vote, the Banner update has been put on pause in favor of working on the Ethnis Light RPG. While the Banners are still important, the engagement they've had compared to how much work they are and how much engagement our other projects are getting means that these will likely remain a lower priority for a while.
See you in the next dev blog!

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    Core RPG

    The Ethnis Core RPG central document is started and visible to Adept+ for now!  
    Ethnis Core RPG
    Generic article | Aug 25, 2020

    An introduction to the Ethnis RPGs: Ethnis Light and Ethnis Core. Learn the basics, how to make a character, and, of course, how to play! Most RPG content is for Adept+ supporters only, but you can preview the basics before deciding to back.


    Light RPG

    The Ethnis Light RPG central document is started and visible to Adept+ for now!  
    E.Lite RPG
    Generic article | Aug 25, 2020

    New Art

    We have new art of the Verin Kinds! Check out the header of the below! This was done by a friend of ours who would like to remain anonymous.  
    Species | Mar 18, 2019

    A species of horned, graceful Sophont with expressive eyes and an ancient, storied culture. They are very skilled with the Meta


    How you can help

    There's high costs associated with a project like Ethnis in terms of art, business fees, promotion, and production. It boils down to time and money, and we can always use help with both.

    Tell your friends about us and subscribe to us on Patreon, and we will put your efforts to good use!

    We are going to make Ethnis no matter what, but the love and resources given to us by our fans drives us and makes Ethnis a reality sooner.

    Support Ethnis
    Organization | Aug 11, 2020

    How you can help Ethnis grow! Share us with friends, give us feedback, and support us on social media and Patreon!

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