It’s a Cycle.

Life and Death. Ecstasy and Agony. Love and Void. These are the elements of the Great Drama, this is the motion of The Wheel.

A stalwart crew explores distant, vivid planets, dancing with those poor folk rich of spirit and fighting against rich lords poor of morals. Their arrival staunches tyranny, their charity balms plight, and their presence brings peace. Are you with them?

There’s a party in a golden palace where every guest is more distinguished than the next. They partake in writhing meals that morph through many properties as they cross your tongue. Chrome-plated pleasureslaves laugh like crystal bells and weep amphetamine tears while they give their all to a final performance before they become dessert. Do you attend?

In a ramshackle church on a fringe planet a girl clings to a Somnolent cross, whispering the Somme of Hope into its eye. Infernos full of cackling figures consume the horizon. Angels descend from heaven like a meteor shower in the night. Do you save her?

A band of marauders plates their ship with the carcasses of raided vessels. Their tech and crew is cobbled together from every Banner. Despite a cutthroat nature brotherhoods form amongst them. Can you claim the same?

Four minuscule notches on an infinite Wheel.

Empires forge, rise, burn, and are devoured in the blink of an eye. The divide between mortal and god is minute and the two constantly wrestle with the fact. Those who place their chips play a high stakes game, all who don't have their chips taken and played for them.

Somewhere in this all is you.

Who are you?
What are you?
Why are you?

It's a cycle.
There's a Wheel it's spinning.

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"...and in this you repent for furthering your own weak bloodline," Kyzan snarled, hand firm on the Amir Chief's neck as he held her submerged in the still-hot wine of her children's veins. She thrashed and fought, but it was only in the utter cessation of her movement that he let her go.


A Red Baptism is an ancient Faeo method of execution practiced by The Kyzanate of the Tremulous Era. In it, the subject of the execution was drowned in the freshly-drained blood of their offspring (or their kith and kin if no offspring were to be had). This was typically the punishment for treason, cowardice, or resistance to the Kyzanate.

Sovereign Kyzan personally re-popularized and favored this method of execution, and would personally carry it out against his rivals.

In Modern Times

While this is not openly practiced or mentioned in any measure it is rare that any ritual ever leaves the long memory of the Verin and falls entirely out of practice.


Ceremonial Knife For draining the blood of the offspring. Usually this was similar to a dressing knife used in hunting, and was carved from a bone of a previous execution.

Stone Basin For collecting the blood of the drained offspring. A popular choice was the executed's household mortar which was used to grind up food for meals for them and their family.

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