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Spirit Tree Organization

The Spirit Tree Organization's sole aim and task is to protect the spirit tree at all costs to allow further life and Etheriel to continue to exist. The organization was founded at the beginning of the scientific ages to counteract the exploitation of the soul energy and subsequentially the cutback of life energy that is the base for the existence of all living beings.


The head of the organization is the so-called spirit warden which is a person chosen by the Spirit Tree as protector. The spirit warden is surrounded by a group of guardians the so-called Brave Spirits as well as a group of servants that support the spirit warden in tasks and everyday life.   Following in the hierarchy the next highest position after the spirit warden is occupied by the nature wardens followed by the wardens from all across Etheriel. They watch over localized changes in the energy veines to counteract unusually high drainage at an early stage.
Founding Date
5 SA
Controlled Territories

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