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Flamnonia Graduation Ceremony

The Flamnonia Graduation Ceremony takes place at the end of the apprenticeship at the Flamnonia Academy on the summer solstice day and is part of the Sapphire Flame Faire.

Pre-requisite for Graduates

To attend the ceremony as a graduate, the apprentice needs to meet the following requirements:
  • Passed all individual theoretical and practical tests throughout the studies.
  • Passed the practical field test on campus.
  • Completed the external supervised internship successfully.


The ceremony is usually carried out on a small scale only with the closest family and friends of the graduates attending.   With some room to maneuver depending on the preferences of the graduates, teachers, and coaches, the chronological sequence is as follows:
Prior the Ceremony Day
Two days before the graduation ceremony, the academy has two open house days where the graduates run tours around the campus, lead small martial art workshops and display some of their learned abilities.
At the Ceremony Day
The preparations for the ceremony begin early in the morning, with putting the stage and ceremonial decorations up. They are typically done a few hours before the guests arrive, allowing the graduates time to prepare themselves.  
  1. The arriving guests get welcomed by the head teacher and head coach of the graduation class and are led to their seats by some volunteers among the first and second-year students.
  2. The graduates make their entrance announced by name one after the other, receive their graduation certificate and working uniform, and take their seats afterward.
  3. Special achievements and honors get announced and handed out as uniform badges.
  4. Wrapping up the ceremony with speeches of selected graduates and the academy master, head teacher, and head coach.

Components and tools

  • Seating for all attendees.
  • Stage with a speaker's lectern
  • Decorations and banners in the colors of the graduate class
  • Graduation certificates, working uniforms, uniform badges


The graduation ceremony takes place each year on the summer solstice date on the last day of the Sapphire Flame Faire.
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