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A frightened whisper in the night. A mother rushing away with her children under the cover of alleyways. Hushed meetings in dark basements between people who might as well be family. The warm embrace of the Father's magic. This is the Murra'shaite experience.   Murra'shaite is not just a word for the inhabitants of the city of Murra'sha, but for a people, a culture, a tradition, a family. Not everyone in Murra'sha is a Murra'shaite in the ethnical sense of the word, and not all Murra'shaites live in Murra'sha- some diaspora has moved out into surrounding small villages and even other bigger cities. But no matter what, they're all connected by their faith in their Father, Exousian. Religious meetings in basements and tunnels connect them like streams into a river, over time building a rich culture founded in the dark.   Murra'shaites, who have always been persecuted one way or another, have unfortunately had their persecution molded into a staple of their identity. It is, indeed, one of the most sizable portions of the Murra'shaite experience, to have to conceal one's identity in the shadows, to have the threat of being split apart from friends and family constantly over one's shoulders. But Murra'shaites are not just made up of running and hiding, no, they have a rich culture behind the cloak of darkness.   Virtually every Murra'shaite has learned to weave cloth, by the guidance of their mothers and fathers under candlelight. Their silk is usually rich, deep colors, usually of the most captivating purple and red, with intricate weaving patterns, usually with sigils for protection and love hidden inside. Almost no one except a Murra'shaite can recognize these symbols, for they are shared and learned in those basement meetings, and expertly weaved into otherwise unassuming patterns. Murra'shaites sell their cloth in many places in Sneheht-rohon- though rarely appear in the more Ethereosa centered Dohvahnttah-lohon. Even and especially Non-Murra'shaites often prize the beautiful silk.   It goes without saying that Murra'shaites are also quite adept at raising silkworms, as well.   Murra'shaites also have a deep appreciation for others, as this is one of the fundamental teachings of their religion- to love others and themselves well. This makes them, for the most part, an extremely friendly and kind people, even to those who they fundamentally disagree with (although they have little respect for those that are openly antagonistic towards them). They are well-known to leave gifts on the doorsteps of those they know are suffering, whether they are a fellow Murra'shaite or not.   Murra'shaites, overall, are a beautiful culture of kind people, unfortunately prosecuted over their faith. Many Murra'shaites go their whole lives feeling unsafe and being directly attacked and jeered at, many even ending up being killed or turned into slaves. Because of this, it is difficult for one to figure out if another is a Murra'shaite or not, for they tend to be so secretive about their faith and identity out in public. A Murra'shaite has to greatly trust a non-Murra'shaite to reveal their true colors.


Shared customary codes and values

Murra'shaites are well-known for their excessive kindness, as stated above. They do have other values, however, such as their ideals of how parents should treat their children. For example, it is considered extremely offensive in Murra'shaite circles to beat or hurt children, even for discipline. They opt for other means of disciplining children, such as deprivation of magical privileges, for example. Another value of the Murra'shaites is their commitment to family and community. Families are often quite large and tight-knit. Extended family, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins often all live under the same roof, sometimes sleeping in the same bedroom. Murra'shaites stick together, and look out for each other- there is no question of that.

Common Etiquette rules

It is customary to bring small gifts to meetings, whether they be the monthly religious meetings that are a nigh necessity in Murra'shaite culture, or to regular lunches and social gatherings. These gifts can range from anything, from baked goods to small oils and butters from the market, to pieces of cloth with special sigils and ornamentation.

Common Dress code

Murra'shaites often dress in beautiful robes made of their silks when together- however, in public, they tend to opt for more tradtional Ethereoson garb, to blend in more. Robes are often personally unique with custom chosen sigils, colors, patterns, and accents. Women tend to prefer blues and purples while men prefer reds and pinks.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When a Murra'shaite child is taken to one of those first monthly religious meetings, a high-ranking mage will bestow them with a magical incantation called Amavahn, which magically makes a mark on the child's soul that signals to Exousian that the child is in his name and is his to claim and protect. To the few Ethereosayannhah who know about this practice, this is seen as child abuse, basically giving up a child to the wolves before they have even had a chance to live, but to the Murra'shaites, this is a beautiful ritual, and many mothers are more than excited to take part and help chant the words to the incantation/prayer.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When a Murra'shaite dies, their whole community spends a day speaking as few words as possible. The following meeting is devoted to praying for their soul to be protected in Bavaatbahta, and, if they were murdered- which is unfortunately common- Exousian's wrath to be brought to those responsible.

Significant presence in

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