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Everyone knows the story of Exousian's fall.   It was quite magnificent, indeed, when Our Goddess Ethereosa stabbed him through the heart with a godsteel sword and threw him like lightning from The Garden Above to the Mortal Plane.   But before she could do that, of course, he created magic, and with it, cursed all of us angels forevermore with the Five Great Sins- what he called his Five Great Gifts- Self-Worship, Desire, Knowledge, Denial of Righteousness, and, worst of all, Curiosity.   Since then, us angels have been born with at least one of these sins staining our heavenly souls, polluting our relationship with Our Goddess Ethereosa.   Magically undead, Exousian now wanders the Earth and has made his throne in The Darkness Below, ruling all except The Garden despite our best efforts.   Humans are sinful. We all know that. But some are called by the siren song of Exousian telling them they are beautiful, perfect, wonderful, just the way they are. But how can that be true? Mortals were born chaotic, as opposed to the divine order that possesses our goddess Ethereosa.   It is our duty to worship her. To fight the lies of Exousian.   --   This is a work-in-progress collection of the knowledge we have about Ethereoson. It is not finished, and it's rather eclectic, but nevertheless I hope you enjoy learning about this beautiful world.

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