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Sheado Organization

Learn about the Sheado Organization

Obruno is apart of the Sheado Organization. The Sheado Organization is a group of the high ranking monks and esstuses and the priest. The monks and esstuses remind and make sure that the priest does the correct rituals at correct times. This group was created three priests ago in the year 24.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Magis, Fidemea, and Crassea are the female esstuses.

Masculine names

Monachus, Cupidos, and Spero are the male monks.

Unisex names

There are no unisex monks or esstuses.

Family names

The names of the high ranking monks and esstuses are Crassea, Fidemea, Monachus, Magis, Cupidos, Spero.

Other names

I have said all the names of the monks and esstuses.


Major language groups and dialects

Everyone in the village speaks Etheanese.

Culture and cultural heritage

It is easier for a monk to climb the ranks if he has favor of the priest or if his father or grandfather is apart of the Sheado Organization.

Common Dress code

The esstuses are expected to wear six different colored flowers in their hair.

Art & Architecture

The building that the Sheado Organization meets in is half underground. The building's top is circular.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

When a monk or esstuse reaches the age of fifty they are pushed out of the Sheado Organization and they are replaced with someone younger.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When monks and esstuses are initiated into the Sheado Organization they must be anointed from head to toe in Iparto vare urine. They must proclaim to the priest that they will protect what Willtea wants and what the village needs.

Coming of Age Rites

After a boy has been given his tattoos he is presented the opportunity of studying the Texts of the Deities. If the man excepts the offer he is thereby called a monk.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Once a previous member of the Sheado Organization dies on their tomb stone it will give them credit for being apart of the Sheado Organization. The body is also laced in Iparto vare urine. This shows the deities that the deceased was part of the Sheado Organization.

Common Taboos

If a monk or esstuse goes bald then they will be immediately kicked out of the Sheado Organization. They say that there used to be seven deities. The seventh one was a beast and after it destroyed the god of food's crops the god cursed the beast so that it lost all of its hair. They believe that if a member of the Sheado Organization goes bald that it is a curse from the food god.


Beauty Ideals

All the esstuses must be beautiful. Most of the monks are handsome except for Monachus. Monachus has a huge belly and he has a hard time finding shirts that will fit him.

Gender Ideals

It is tradition that in the Sheado Organization there is three females and three males.

Courtship Ideals

A man in wish of binding himself with another must put his hair up in a bun adorned with his first set of teeth. The man is also expected to create a poem of affection to give to the desired mate. If the desired mate excepts his poem then the man will give the other one of his necklaces. This is seen as the two being bounded.

Relationship Ideals

Women can only become esstuses if they are bound with a monk.
Esstuses are the female equivalent of monks in Ethea. The year is the same as the age of the present priest.

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