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a five and a half inch celestial chameleon that is rainbow in color and has a bell on its tail and can go invisible ambells have being a beloved pet through out the world of Vania being a celestial creature with limited form of sentience they also are well loved by manais users who power and ability and triple when bonded to an ambell but sadly due to there longevity/invisibility and there rareness they are very rarely seen

Basic Information


this little celestial creature has an half inch head two inch body and a three inch tail with four limbs and a sticky tongue with a pair of bulging eyes about three toes per foot these little celestial's do not have bones but instead a very unique celestial crystal there skin is equivalent to mithril in strength and texture

Genetics and Reproduction

Ambells are asexual being a creature with no sex they self create an egg once every thousand or so years ambell are born fully developed once a young ambell hatch the older ambell vanishes some where beyond this realm

Ecology and Habitats

ambells are celestial good creatures thus they love places of extreme beauty and peace with no predators or primordial's ambells usually form a bond with other good aligned races whether they are celestial or not the places were ambell reside are usually blessed and prosperous with farms and wildlife growing abundant most evil aligned races/creatures or primordial races avoid these areas

Dietary Needs and Habits

ambell feed on the residue manais energy left behind

Biological Cycle

ambell have the false immortality blood running in there veins making them immune to the passage of time and seasons

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

true sight ambells can see and hear anything with in its zone of sight or range of hearing including there auras not even other invisible creature can hide from them they can also use a form of invisibility that is immune to true sight can detect whether some one is deceptive or truthful

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