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Zecron is known as the city of beasts but is one of the more intimidating military powers. being a city established by wanderers and traders has made it a central of culture and diversity.


Most in the town are either in the military, artists of some sort or travelers.


The government is a democracy


with the population being mostly Tabaxi Minotaur and Centaur they are very fierce in battle with the stealth force being comprised mostly of Tabaxi and the central fighting force being mostly Minotaur and Centaur.

Industry & Trade

most are artists or artisans of some kind trading wares for survival and generally free foods and drink with farmers gaining specialized benefits for supplying and maintaining the city and its needs.


built on the barter system rather than exchanging money. everything has a value and you'll give up anything for something


The Arts District- filled with the most amazing scents and sights. filled with the most amazing art and trinkets some of the most amazing and magical things you could possibly see. the crown jewel of the district is the college of artistry and performance where anyone can learn and try their hand at the arts which is taught by people who truly enjoy teaching and sharing their knowledge. The Travel District- filled with sculptures and performances for any and all to see also includes most of the taverns and inns. The Housing District- filled with alot of the Residential population The Law District- all government buildings including military and trainings exist here The Agriculture District- the druids and farmers living together ensuring constant rich farmland and yields producing some of the most divine foods you've ever tasted.

Guilds and Factions

the arts guilds are sanctioned here and help maintain academic and artistic knowledge supporting the spread of both knowledge and practice.


Secret had long had a dream to establish a city built and upheld by the exploring and sharing of artistic knowledge they knew that they alone couldn't run or start this dream so he gathered the best traveling artists he could and forged his dream soon it was the artistic capitol of the plane filled with wonder and whimsy around every corner.

Points of interest

The College of Artistry and Performance, is a well of knowledge and skill that anyone who desires to learn can become an Apprentice.


Flight of Light, The movement of Petals, and The flow of Water are all impressive dance troupes that perform daily and are always amazing to see. The Art District is filled with some of the most amazing wares you'll ever lay eyes on things you only thought lie in your dreams.


all forms everyone is allowed to build in whatever styles they wish making the city filled with diversity.


in the mountains
Alternative Name(s)
City of Beasts
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Minotaurs tabaxi centaur harengone kenku sharkian tortle and lizard folk

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