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Treaty of Yimrik

The Treaty of Yimrik is an agreement between the Neripol Alliance, the Dregian Empire, and Augustian Empire that the Tolonor Region is not permitted by either side to fight in or move troops through. It is also the property of the Neripol Alliance.


To keep Augustian and Dregian forces and conflict out of the Tolonor Region.

Historical Details


The Neripol Alliance wanted to secure its control over the Tolonor region and make itself indispensable to either side in the war, so while both empires were to weak to stop it, it fortified the borders of Tolonor and forced both sides to agree not to touch it. Both sides agreed, because if they did not, the Neripols would only sell to the other side of the conflict, and it would take too much effort to fight both the Neripols and the opposing Empire.

Treaty, Diplomatic
Tolonor Region
Signatories (Organizations)

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