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Prince Illowen Potesm

Prince/General/Lord Illowen (means "Illuminated Power" in Old Augustian) Potesm (means "Power" in Old Augustian)

Prince Illowen Potesm is the heir to the Dregian throne, and the capital Province of Ligten. He is an accomplished general, a respected political figure with a solid background, and a force to be reckoned with.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Healthy man in his thirties.

Facial Features


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a wealthy family in Ligten, politics have always been a major part of Potesm's life. Potesm has enjoyed wealth and influence from birth, and took full advantage of it to join the military with some ranks under his belt, and he quickly rose to the rank of captain. However, he and his forces were assigned to protect the city of Atrad, which was at the time well within Dregian territory, and not at much risk. Then, in a successful Augustian campaign shortly thereafter, the front was pushed right up against Atrad, and its key position as an access point across a large river into Dregia meant that Potesm's defense would determine the fate of the country. But to the nation's relief, it became apparent that Potesm's ascension to authority wasn't all because of his money and background, because the Augustian siege was dragged out into the long, cold winter, and in a bold move, Potesm sallied out of the city at night and forced the freezing, starving Augustians home and away from Dregia. After that and other grand military successes, he grew to replace the Supreme Commander of the Dregian Army, where he would serve for a decade. Then, as King Trutis began to age, the Provincial Electorate decided that Potesm should become the next King of Dregia, and he was pronounced Prince of Dregia until King Trutis dies and he can succeed him.


Well educated and brought up in a wealthy family.


Captain, General, and Prince.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The Siege of Atrad is what he is known for, and the series of victories afterwards are excellent complements of it.

Failures & Embarrassments

Potesm has failed and lost battles before, but they are overshadowed by his many successes. Rumors of his treatment of non-combatants are easily his biggest plague, however.

Mental Trauma

As he becomes more powerful, his paranoia grows that people are out to get him. And he's right.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical, self-absorbed, humorous, close-minded

Morality & Philosophy

He's mostly concerned with his own interests and the interests of the class of people he comes from.

Personality Characteristics


Wishes to become King of Dregia and end the Fifty Years War in victory for Dregia.

Virtues & Personality perks

Charismatic and ambitious

Vices & Personality flaws

Self-absorbed and greedy


Contacts & Relations

Well-connected in Ligten politics and Dregian politics in general

Family Ties

Father is deceased and he has inherited his wealth. No siblings. His mother lives in the mansion in Ligten.

Social Aptitude

Charismatic and leader-like


Humorous when confident, humorless when not


Anything but monotone when humorous.


Vincent ver Udyles

Personal Chief of Security (Vital)

Towards Prince Illowen Potesm




Prince Illowen Potesm

Charge (Vital)

Towards Vincent ver Udyles





Vincent ver Udyles first crossed paths with Potesm when he was fighting with Ysufit, a tracker/assassin working for Potesm. Udyles rose through the ranks to become Personal Chief of Security with Ysufit's help.

Relationship Reasoning

Potesm needs Udyles to follow his orders to keep him safe.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Potesm's coronation to the throne.

Legal Status

Charge and Chief of Security

Wealth & Financial state

Second richest and most powerful man in Dregia behind King Trutis

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Prince of Dregia
Biological Sex
Sleek and black
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
Dregian Empire
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Dregian, Augustian

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