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Guild of Wartime Trade (Plot)

The Guild of Wartime Trade (Abbreviated to GOWT) is the secret association of political and business figures in Dregia working to prolong the war in order to maintain the profitable business ties they have with the Neripol City State Alliance that can only be sustained with the high demand the war provides.

Plot points/Scenes

The Guild of Wartime Trade is associated with the Church of Augus, as well as a few key families in the Augustian aristocracy and the Neripol business world.   For example, King Auron's family has strong ties to them and to the church.


-Corruption -Intrigue -War



Prolong the war with Augustia to preserve the demand for goods the war creates.



-Heston ver Umeret has infiltrated it and taken control of a large amount of the Federation. The only man with more power than him is Lord Dashmet of Borothias, and he plans to have him eliminated soon. -Patmos ver Umeret has assassinated numerous members of it.


-The Neripol Alliance -The Church of Augus


  • King Auron
  • King Trutis
  • Lord Umeret



Seated in the Northeast of the Dregian Empire


Heston's plot from within.

Plot type
Overarcing Plot: The Guild of Wartime Trade
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