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Army of Northern Augustia

This is the army of General Troy Brazier (King Vestos Auron), fighting to free the country of Neripol influence.



1200-1500 soldiers, spread across the North. 600 in the capital, 150-200 to each castle and other city. Most all are infantry, but a company of a few hundred mounted knights are in the capital.


  • Average Augustian infantrymen are armed with chain and surcoat or leather armor, the knights wearing plate, and a helmet.
  • The archers wear leather jerkins and skullcaps.


  • Each soldier is issued a spear and shield with a short sword as well.
  • Knights use lances and short swords, as well as heater shields.
  • Archers use longbows and broadhead arrows.


A few hundred horses used by the knights.


Kings control barons and mayors, barons and mayors control lieutenants, lieutenants control battalions

Overall training Level

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