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Alchemy is the most important area of science in the Yogisu Empire, being the center of their lives in many ways.  
  • Shigesia: Pale yellow (Slows aging, sterilizes temporarily, used only by women)
  • Wither: Black (Accelerates aging, truth serum)
  • Speak: Dark purple (Truth serum)
  • Wipe: (Amnesiac)
  • Boompowder: Explosive (Blue powder)
  • Numb: Sticky red (Anesthetic)


Depends on the potion. Interrogation, healing, poison, enhancement, etc.

Yogisu Empire
Access & Availability
New successful potions are required to be turned over to the government for study and improvement before being made available to the general public.
Growing more complex as further study continues.
Empress Mutori is responsible for Serenity

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