You fucking Angel. Don't lie to me.
— Anonymous
  In many parts of Estya, particularly among the upper class and feudal lords, Winsking is a rude gesture that implies the subject is untrustworthy, hiding something, or a liar. It is traditionally done between nobles and is often an accusation of associating with the Shadi Order and of being, at best a liar, and at worst a traitor.   Note: Among the lowest classes of Estya, winsking can seen as complimentary or benign, as it implied someone is either a Shadi Agent themselves or is worthy of saving.


Winsking is a relatively new act, only emerging after the Shadi Order began expanding its efforts to include humanitarian efforts such as assassination abusive lords, ensuring delivery of food and supplies to the fringes of Estya, and smuggling civilians out of war zones. The result of these efforts led to the legend of the Night Angels spreading among the peasantry, though less reputable nobility feared their wrath.   With the expansive network of Shadi Agents across Estya, lords gradually took to calling each other an "Angel" if they thought another was lying. Peasantry, however, began calling each other "Angels" as a compliment simply to spite the lords, and over time it evolved to mean "one who saves" or "one worthy of saving".


Curl middle and ring fingers of your hand in so they touch the palm. Twist the wrist so that the index finger touches one's nose and the pinky finger touches the chin. Blow a quick puff of air between the raised index and pinky fingers, and if extra offense is desired, curl the thumb inward and fold it beneath the middle and ring fingers. Often, instead of blowing air between the index and ring fingers, one will simply say "Fuck you" to the individual on the recieving end of winsking.

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