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"Being eminently disruptive and deleterious to the Function and Purity of this Republic, this Council and the Charter it deriveth its power therefrom henceforth forbid:
  • Traffic in Word or in Deed with Powers Alien and Malign;
  • Trespasses by such Powers;
  • and the Practice of Base Sorcery..."
  • The year is 282 of the Anaxagoran Calendar. The 282nd year of the Asterian Republic. The March of Unification is over; the Shapers reign supreme across the continent.   For much of this Age of Wizardry, the Eastern Realms were the last vestige of independence in the face of the inexorable Asterian tide. From the boreal princes of Kaltestadt to the proud and warlike K'mpari Emperor, all stood united against the invasion. Each of their crowns is now meticulously catalogued and warehoused, likely gathering dust in some nameless Shaper vault. All the pride and dignity of the monarchs of old could not save them from the endless tide of Asterian Goliath soldiers, manufactured, tuned, and refined by the Shaper arts into the perfect instruments of war.   It is now 50 years since Anaxagoras Chiron, de facto head of the Shaper Council declared total victory. 50 years since he declared the advent of a New World--one free of gods and demons, where magic is the tool of the trained and sanctioned. All the nations of Estrelesse are now signatories to the Charter, giving the Republic and its wizard rulers total dominion.   No power in the world can challenge their jurisdiction.   No power in this world, anyway, right?

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