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The Sky Kings

Each ship consists of barbaric militaristic crews, soldiers, commanders, druids and the King. Each King is the strongest of their ship, killing the last king to take their place. The Druids are the second in command, since their powers keep the beast at bay.   Each Sky King is known for specific elemental magical attributes.   1. The Black King, or Dead King, is the King of death and the undead. 2. The White king, is actually female and Is the King of ice, just like her soul, her emotional state could be described as ice cold.(Elf) 3. The Red King is the King of Fire, or the Ambitious king. He leads the underground rebellion and has plans to overthrow the Black King.(Human) 4. The Green King is the King of Earth. He is the Strong king. Don't let his Dwarven stature deceive you. 5. The Blue king is the King of Water, he is mellow on the surface, but once angered, he has the wrath of the ancient seas 6. The Lost King. There are rumors of this king, but no one has proof of his existence. Legend has it, he lives deep in the mountains, near the North Jungle. 7. The Orange King, or the Beast King. He's the most powerful Druid known, Animals of all kinds are willing to lay down their life under his rule. 8. The Pink King or the Wrong King. He is a strange king, known for an eclectic demeanour and frivolous taste.

Military, Other

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