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Sky Whales

Although the male population has died out, these whales still remain. No one knows how old they are, or even how they used to be in the wild. It has been told, though, that these creatures are old enough to remember the days that the ocean covered the earth. As the water slowly evaporated in the decaying, hot air. The whales evolved. Their skin became leathery and layers of a seemingly unnatural substance started to form just beneath their pores.These large animals evolved into something of mystery. Their dietary needs changed due to the dying planet. No longer could they consume the fish of old times, as they have died, the seawater turning their corpses into rotten flesh. The whales adapted to being able to eat the rotten meat and have eaten that way for the next thousands of years as they slowly became airborn.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Males extinct

Growth Rate & Stages

Born naturally, start at about 50 feet in length and grow up to 900 feet

Dietary Needs and Habits

Requires rotten or moldy food. It's stomach needs the bacteria to digest

Additional Information


Using Druid magic and Elven technologies, the Whales were fitted to become Bio-Eco Airships

Uses, Products & Exploitation


Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Uses sonar to sense other SkyWhales in the area

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms


Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length

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