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The Realm of Estorim

Journey into a world of magic, wonder, and adventure!

Welcome traveler! We have ventured the world twice over to bring you these goods, is there something Jo'barjo can interest you in? Come and take a look at our wares, surely you could use protection from the dangers of this world. Magical or mundane, this one has seen it all! 

Jo'barjo Mahoor, the traveling merchant

  Salutations and welcome to Estorim, it is the year 1257 of the Second Age by Eisonic Reckoning and peace currently presides throughout the realm. Though, the thin strands of harmony that connect the scattered nations of the world are beginning to snap. Factions and alliances have formed between like minded groups, and the shadow of war is beginning to loom on the horizon.   Regardless of the impending chaos, the people continue to improve society through magic and advance innovation for the common man. The invention of clockwork devices and flintlock weaponry has allowed the mundane citizens of the realm to level the playing field with the magic users and defend themselves from the otherworldly beasts that roam the wilds. These technological advancements are embraced by all but the magical purists who believe that power should rest only in the hands of those which can weave spells, and radical mundane rulers see these technologies as the key to striking down the purist mages of old and taking power for themselves.   All the while, dark powers act behind the scenes, manipulating heads of nations and seats of power. These forces seek the destruction of the natural order and the enslavement of all in the realm. Throughout the ages these dark powers have emerged from the shadows under various guises, and now they seek to use the coming turmoil to their gain.   Throughout the rising tension, the world looks to heroes of renown to aid them in their struggles against otherworldly forces and the schemes of wicked and powerful people.    

Map of the Realm

The Realm of Estorim
This is an overworld view of the Realm of Estorim. The world is broken up into four major continents, each separated by a body water. These four continents are Aeldran to the East, Tyroril to the South, Galindor to the west, and Numril to the north. In the middle of all the continents is a great and vast ocean known as the Shrouded Sea.

Central Themes of Estorim

Magic and Innovation

Magic permeates the realm in the form of residual energies from the divine creation. This magical font is referred to as The Aether, and is the source of all magical power in Estorim. Though accessible by many, not all beings can tap into this well of power, and the disparity between these groups gave way to inventors and gadgeteers seeking to improve life for all through the invention of Clockworks.  

Power and Division

Multiple factions exist throughout the realm, many looking to achieve more power and further their agendas. They seek to use magic, technology, or both, to serve as instruments to aid them in their struggle to advance their cause. Their conflicting ideals create division not just between organizations, but between the constituents of various kingdoms. Alliances have been formed of many different factions, each taking up large regional strongholds across continents, and a worldwide clash is slowly approaching.  

Lurking Shadows

Where there is light, there too is darkness. The divine powers of creation suffuse the world and its beings, but where the divine energies lie, there too are fell powers. Beings of evil and darkness seek to corrupt and destroy the world in its current state, and they offer up this dark magic to those hungry enough to search for it, but everything comes at a price.

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