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the repuplic of Iris

The port city of Iris the city of the fertile sands founded in between the Iris river its name stake it is a populous city on the southern coast of Edden it is a independent republic populated be humans Dwarves dragon-born and lizard-men known for its wealthy merchants and its beautiful riverside. With a Population size of over 450,000 it is the largest city on the southern half of Edden. its hold on trade on the iris river gives it power over the smaller towns and villages along iris making it the dominate power in the region   its military power is unmatched be all of the other desert cities making it the most powerful of the southern half Edden


humans and dwarves make up the majority of the cities upper and middle classes with a lower class of lizard men and other races.


The government of Iris is officially a merchant republic but is really ruled by an oligarchy.


stone walls with mounted cannons


the birthplace of global trade and the inventors of black powder the Irisains are very industrious


all road in the desert lead to Iris. Iris has an amazing infrastructure with cobbled or paved roads all through out the city


was founded in 810 CE as a part of the Kingdom of Zaria wining independence from them in 1467 after a 15 year war. in 1507 the Irisain navy landed on Acirfa starting their global trade empire. in 1516 the Irisain scientist lostin Von kabel discovered black powder.


a mix of venetian and arabic


costal and riverside

Natural Resources

coal black powder food wood stone sand marble tea
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Fertile Sands
Large city
aboat 450'000
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization
The republic of iris

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