PRESENT DAY: 20th of Almos, Age of Lazarus 1412

Step Forth, Hero.

Welcome to the Realm of Harmony, Heroes! Estheria is an Epic/High-Fantasy setting/universe in active development since 2013.   Estheria utilizes a unique fusion of medieval fantasy rife with magic, coupled with many modern technologies and improvements. To top this off, the Realm is presently inhabited by 11 Kingdoms, tied together by a Realm-wide Constitution known as the Grand Declaration of Harmony.   Estheria will actively grow and expand throughout 2021 and beyond, more on this below!



The goal of this WorldAnvil is to provide a home for the Estherian setting/universe that can be easily expanded upon in a stylish and consistent manner.   Estheria spans more than a thousand years of in-game lore, and for years I've struggled to keep this in a singular place where it could be properly organized. Upon the discovery of WorldAnvil, I realized that I had finally found the perfect location for the EstheriPedia - a full-blown 'wiki' of Estheria.   Please take note that this WorldAnvil is still very incomplete and will be slowly fleshed out as time passes. The current CSS Styling is permanent, and you can certainly reach out to me if anything is broken that goes unnoticed!



This area will serve as an ongoing effort at transparent development for Estheria.
  The areas below will be split into both a 'Roadmap' and a 'Progress Report' section. The Roadmap serves as a living list of planned additions/improvements to Estheria on a yearly basis, and theProgress Report section will be an 'update' of sorts that provides insight into the most recent changes pushed to the EstheriPedia.  



PRIORITY #1: Estherian Timelines - Phase One

This priority is currently underway as of 2/18/2021. The goal is to cohesively organize all of Estheria's major and minor world events into a series of structured timelines that can be accessed at any given time. These timelines shall be missing article-links in their first phase, and will have a second phase implemented at a later date. On occasion, certain major events may be edited to add links prior to the execution of Phase Two.
This will be completed by April 2021.  

PRIORITY #2: Creation of the Arcanis Continent

This priority is estimated to begin in April 2021. The goal of this priority is to create the base articles for the first of Estheria's three continents - Arcanis. These articles shall include Arcanis itself, the housed regions within the continent, and the key landmarks of those regions.
This is ANTICIPATED to be completed by June 2021.  

PRIORITY #3: Creation of the First Ward

This priority is estimated to begin in or around June 2021. The goal of this priority is to create the base articles for the first of Estheria's three Wards. These articles shall include a Master Article for the First Ward of Harmony itself, a Master Article for each of the four Kingdoms of the First, a Master Article for each of their Capitols, and lastly will have Basic Articles for each of their cities and towns.
This is estimated to take the remaining duration of 2021 to complete.


Hey everyone!
  This is going to be the very first progress report on my 2021 work regarding Estheria. It's been really hectic preparing for all of this. To begin, I'd like to acknowledge a little bit of background. My name is Zach a.k.a The Wlyde One and I am the creator and sole developer of Estheria - a fantasy setting I began creating in August of 2013. Since it's inception, both the realm and my skills as a writer, worldbuilder, and designer have massively grown and so there has been plenty of ups and downs with Estheria's development. When I stumbled into WorldAnvil I was pretty much mind blown, and instantly realized I had found the right place for Estheria. Since then, I've been working towards getting the project moving to this platform.   It took some time, but I was able to find an amazing designer and programmer to create a custom CSS theme for this WorldAnvil, his work has made this so much more possible for all of you to see. Additionally, I had to begin extensively studying WorldAnvil itself, including testing elements/features I had discovered. I feel that I have finally gained the experience to begin the true development of Estheria on WorldAnvil, and have begun executing the monumental multi-year task of porting Estheria to WorldAnvil and creating something structured and brilliant for your entertainment and consumption. I hope that you'll join me on this journey to Harmony's Gate, and I can't wait to show you what I have in store as we move through 2021.   Signing off,
The Wlyde One.  

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