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The Portly Duchess Inn

The inn is in the town of Helbenik in the kingdom of Holding. South of the town is the great Trollfang forest. To the west is the massive Darkstone mountains. Northeast is the ancient Boundless Swamp. A day’s travel northwest is the port city of Nasroc and far southeast is the great capital city Tides. The road to Tides stays a mile away from Trollfang forest, which makes the trip there take 3 days by road.


The inn has a common room that serves food and ale to anyone with coin, the customers do not need to be staying at the inn to get a meal.



  • Drinks
  • Ale --- 6Sp
  • Small Beer --- 4Cp
  • Honey Mead -- 5Sp
  • Wine --- 11Sp
  • Food
  • Bread --- 12Cp
  • Cheese -- 12Cp
  • Steak --- 8Sp
  • Soup --- 12Cp
  • 1 Egg --- 5Cp
  • Meals
  • Good -- 45Sp
  • Common --- 15Sp
  • Poor --- 4Sp


  • 1 Night
  • Common --- 2Gp
  • Poor --- 10Sp
  • 1 Week
  • Common --- 12Gp
  • Poor --- 3Gp
  • 1 Month
  • Common --- 30Gp
  • Poor --- 15Gp

Lodging Descriptions

A common room is roughly ten foot by ten foot square on the second floor with a single window looking out on the street, market square or the back alley. There is a table with a bowl for cleaning yourself, a 5-foot tall standing wardrobe, and a single bed (a room with a double bed can be requested).


A poor room is roughly ten foot by five foot on the first floor with a single window looking out on the street or the back alley. The room is furnished with a bed, but nothing else.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of this building is for travelers to find a peaceful nights rest.


The Portly Duchess Inn is a two-story building. The first story is masonry with wood framed windows and the second floor is a wood and terracotta wall. The outside of the first floor is a dingy grey, unpainted stone. On the inside of the first floor, the stonework has been covered with dark stained cherry wood. All inner walls are just made of wood.


The Portly Duchess Inn got its name as part of a joke. Many years ago there were two brothers, Ethan and Sean Mason, that grew tired of how they were living. They pooled the money the had and discovered that they had enough to purchase the rundown and abandoned inn in Helbenik. They had knowledge of woodworking and did much of the restoration themselves. As it grew time to open the inn, they argued over the name of the inn. The older of the two, Ethan, felt it should be named The Star, but the younger brother, Sean, felt that name would cause many potential customers would look for lodging elsewhere. There was a second inn in town at the time named the Moody Kobold and the younger brother felt a name more along those lines would be better suited in this town. Then, one night the older brother found out the younger brother had an interest in the mayor's daughter, who did not have the lightest of frames. The next morning the older brother had sketched out what the sign would be.
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