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The Early Eras

Era of Beginnings

On the first day of the first era, in the very first second of existence - The Mother was born. Created by herself, the Mother is existence in and of itself. She looked upon the Astral Sea and the world before her, and using her powers, banished the Elder Gods who had scorned and ignored the world. She then created her first children, Dael and Aes, birthed from her womb, to create the concept of time, to allow it to pass. And from the tears shed during the birth, the first race were born - humans.   During the First Era, both Humans and Dragons were placed into the world and found themselves in instant conflict. Whilst there were many humans formed, there was only one Dragon. A single entity known as Garilleyex. But that one entity was so large and powerful that the ancient humans stood no change against it, and fled the Material Plane for the safety of the Plane of Earth. This left Garrileyex in a world of only fire and cold. Deserts that seemed to immediately lead to snow-covered mountains, a core of the world so hot and a surface so cold that it could freeze a mortal just by standing there. The remaining creatures of the world hid underground in communities, burrowing large tunnels and forging large cities which were the historical Underdark - although the modern Underdark is nearly unrecognizable to this more tribal state. However, this could not last. The heat would get worse and worse until it was completely unbearable for even those hidden underground, and those who did not flee were killed.   With them gone, Garilleyex was alone. Nothing to conquer. Nothing to destroy. For an entire era, nothing happened. Garilleyex merely flew around his empty world, mountain to mountain, searching for even a single living creature to torture. But there were none... there was nothing to do. This drove the dragon mad, and his immense power was revealed. Through sheer willpower and anger, Garilleyex split himself in two, forging the Dragon Fathers, his two halves. And from them, the Dragonkind were born.   Due to his sheer love of conflict, Garilleyex ensured that his two split parts would be brothers, equal in powers and opposite in abilities... and constantly seeking to be the King of the Dragons. Therefore, these Dragons would forever be at war, as would their decendants. This began the Era of War.   When the mortals returned in the Era of Breaking, there were not two dragons, but thousands, as each brother used their powers to birth more and more of their kind, and new kinds, new types of dragon being birthed constantly. For the next few Eras, humans and dragons fought for dominance of the Material Plane, until eventually an uneasy standstill was found that lasted many hundreds of Eras.   Around this time, Torik and Quzik were born of the Mother, creating the Plane of Earth and Plane of Water, the first things to occupy the Astral Sea. Despite the Mother telling them not to interfere, Torik could not handle the pain of humanity, and so opened a portal to her Plane of Earth, where humanity escaped to. The portal was then sealed and closed, leaving other creatures born of her tears and creatures forged by Torik to live in the Material Plane with Garilleyex.  

Era of Growth

Named not for the growth of natures or wilds, as the Material Plane itself was now coated with snow and burned from the base - this was named for the Growth in mortals. During this thousand years, humanity learned it's own strength and began to care for beasts within the Plane of Earth. They learned how to use tools - and Hakuim brought them fire to cook with. By the end of the era, humans had discovered tools and basic farming capabilities, and new races had begun to appear due to Torik's influence. Halflings were born, and the natural inhabitants of the Plane of Earth, known as the Firbolgs, evolved alongside Humanity.   The creatures remaining on the Material Plane were rejects. Deformed human genes known as Gnomes and Dwarves fled underground due to the intense cold and constant hunting by Garilleyex. They began to form small tribes underground, living off of the berries and fungus underground.  

Era of Fey

  Torik, seeing how well humanity had progress, believed it was time to grow nature's influence. She began to create all new, beautiful creatures of great intellegence, flowers and insects, trees, all of this within the Feywild. The Feywild was a different section of the Astral Plane to the Plane of Earth, where her own prized creation were born: The Elves. She based their visage off the image of her brothers Dael and Aes, creating Sun Elves, Moon Elves, Wood Elves and Snow Elves. Further races of Elves were forged by other gods or other methods explained within the Character Options section. In the Plane of Earth, Society spent the thousand years progressing to a point where it was able to become more advanced - and feudal - in nature. Leaders from each tribes met to discuss ways they could return to the Material Plane and reclaim their land there, after being told by Quzik that the true riches remained in Ies.   Gnomes progressed aswell, but did not make plans to return to the main world, instead believing the Underworld - named by them as the Underdark - had higher chance of survival for them.    

Era of the Split

  During this era, the walls between the Planes began to faulter, allowing for communication amongst them. This allowed for the humans and elves to communicate with one another, and work on building relations. In this time peroid, the communities of elves and humans began to integrate, causing Half-Elfs. Humans began to become more aclimitized to certain climates, causing differences in skin colour and some changes in culture. These changes would be reinforced later in history.   The era was named, however, for what occured in the Material Plane. After an entire era hunting Gnomes, only to find there were no longer any living creatures above ground, Garilleyex began to grow angry. He lived off the hunt, and now the hunt was gone. Garilleyex lived and breathed war. He wanted conflict, it is what allowed him to thrive, and with that conflict gone? He needed new entertainment. As such, using his intense Primordial power, Garilleyex split himself in two - forming Alac and Tharatos, who would forever be at war.  

Era of the Birth

  Tharataos and Alac's conlict wrecked havoc across the Material Plane, forming Mountains, Volcanos, Valleys, Oceans in their fights, but neither could get more than a scratch on the other. Eventually, both retreated to opposite sides of Ies in an attempt to find new ways to fight. Alac with his more advanced Wisdom began to use his powers to birth children of many different colours and powers, each one an aspect of powers he himself had. After learning of this plan, Tharatos copied it, birthing his own children. Children born within this Era are refered to as The Ancient Dragons due to their age. At this time, Alac began to construct the beginnings of his Empire by working on his cities, whilst Tharatos turned half the world into Volcanos, centering around Mount Elstor.   In the Feywild, Humans and Elves had now allied to the point where the assets of the Feywild were being shared between them and the Plane of Earth. Here, the Firbolgs also began to join in on the Alliance, and the first Druids and Rangers appeared, as men learned to work alongside beasts and creatures to fight a common enemy. The Elves disliked the Firbolgs due to their different methods of protecting nature, but the Humans were warm towards them. Era of Alliance   In 33EA, a man by the name of Garrinlo was established as the High Lord of the Alliance. He was a Half-Elf with incredible tactics and genius. He was appointed to such a powerful role due to his ability to live for longer than a human, but to have a foot in both their worlds. The title of High Lord of the Alliance was passed down to his children. The Garrinlo Family over multiple generations began to plan their next move. After sending scouts and learning that the one threat had now split into two, named Alac and Tharatos, plans began to be hatched.   In the Material Plane, an uneasy alliance was hatched between Alac and Tharatos, giving both time to establish their empires. Tharatos began to develop cities of his own, and Alac finished his citadel. However, both knew that the alliance would not last, but Alac knew that the humans would return. When the walls between the planes began to fade many Era ago, he kept an ear out, and learned of the oncoming Alliance. He planned to use the Mortals to his advantage, and began to work on his greatest plan, known as the Dragonborn.   The mortals had a plan of their own, and began to work on something known only as "The Prophecy"  

Era of the Return

  The Era of the Return is remembered today as one of if not the most important Era in Ancient, Early History. Once the plan of the Prophecy was complete, and the armies were ready, the combined forces of the Firbolgs, Dwarves, Halflings, Humans and Elves used their favour from Torik for watching over the nature to open a portal back to the Material Plane. They brought with them a prophecy. It was not designed to predict anything - merely to make the Dragons believe that it did. The mortals pretended they had returned as the Mother had given them this prophecy, predicting how they would win the war of the Dragons, filled with cryptic lines designed to turn the Dragons against eachother - as they believed that if the Dragons could fight eachother, then the war would be easier. Whilst this plan worked, and Alac did retreat to go work in private on a plan to defeat his brother... Tharatos was still ready to fight. The war for the Material Plane would begin. And it would last many, many generations.

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