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The Brass Towers

Seat of Power of the Wizards Guild

The Brass Towers. Seat of power of the Wizards Guild. Located within the cliff-city of Kozzem on the Northern-most Island of Tonwin. Identical gleaming spires erected to harness between them a source of arcane power.

Purpose / Function

Harnessing a Magical Locus Point. The Spellwars lasted over 600 years, and ended 2000 years ago. Major magical leylines were thrown into disarray following the Shattering & Upheaval of All Lands that punctuated the end of this massive and protracted magical-military confrontation. The Twin Brass Towers were erected by the surviving Mages of the era to firstly reach the suspended heights of a new leyline locus point, and then finally harness the raw power made available by it.


Forged by Arcane Architects approximately 2000 years ago, these two identical towers are constructed entirely of brass plating and cast brass. Doors are of brass, and windows or other apertures contain thick, clear glass. No exterior alterations have been made to its gleaming surfaces. At the highest point between the two spires - invisible to the naked eye - is a Magical Locus Point. What the Wizards Guild of the Current Era may be concocting within its curved, brassy walls is another topic entirely...


Constructed entirely of curved surfaces and spherical motifs, there is not a straight line or perpendicular angle to be found within the Brass Towers. Soaring upwards of 980 feet, these twin architectural marvels are spaced approximately 120 feet at the base, and taper gradually from their massive base-diameters to two sharply truncated points which define their upper-most levels.


The Wizards Guild devotes many resources to research and spell-historiography within the brass walls. The lower 30 levels have few windows or apertures. The upper 20 levels have viewing chambers that generally face inwards towards the other tower's levels. The highest levels - the Brass Spire Chambers - have ornate balconies that face the opposite peak. Between the highest points of these identical towers, suspended mid-air, is a magical locus point of terrible power and significance to the fabric of the world. The general population knows virtually nothing of the lore of the place.
Alternative Names
The Brass Spires, The Brass, The Twins
Tower, Mage
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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