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Wraith Disorder

Some people choose to face reality and some just tries to escape

I don't do drugs. I am drugs. -Salvador Dali

Wraith disorder

is a visible acute symptoms caused by overdose ingestion of After Burn (recreational drug used for the sole purpose of enhancing five senses from the body, it might have a secondary some effect in a form of visual hallucination). The victim will show cold-like stiffness for hours and mutter intelligible words straight from their brains. Victim will not be able to respond to any sensory stimulus such as touching, flashes of light in front of their pupils, and loud noises as well. If left alone, the victim may suffer with permanent sensory damage such as deafness, blindness, or even inability to talk. Wraith disorder used to cause a concern couple of years back, since it affect majority of young adult in Aranama as well as soldiers. Because of this, representative from Aranama made a decision to banned After Burn from the ship and will administrate a severe punishment if the enforcer saw Aranama resident consuming said drug.

Cure Solution?

If the victim is expose to the prolonged effect of Wraith Disorder, that person might meet their maker soon. Teams of doctors and field medics found an medication to counter act the symptom shown by After Burn. They named it Omnilimus, high concentrated ascorbic acid alongside with immune booster to detox and repair five senses that might be damaged from the drug. With a generous donation from a certain noble, Omnilimus or in short OMNI is now mass produced and available on every pharmacy. It still cost a bit of a credit however it is way better than going to a space med with a more expensive receipt at the end of the day.

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