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Umia the Collector

Are we truly alone here in the vast sea of stars? -Umia, the Collector

The Collector

Umia is the name of a being that reside in the core of a celestial body that venture among Esporia solar system. Driven by its need to satiate its curiosity, Umia is on the search of another sentient planet. It is wondering if its the only sentient planet that able to communicate and sustained itself throughout the years. There was one moment where Umia was able to find another celestial body that circulate around the burning mother. Umia tries to get closer and communicate with it, it tries to embrace this other celestial body with potent gravity well to get closer in microscopic distance.   However, Umia notice that this beautiful green planet is a home of a certain creature. Creature that resemble bipedal stingray which possess four limbs on their torso. From Umia observation, this creature refer themselves as JUBILEE.   Male Jubilee tends to have a geranium coloration on their skin, with more elongated arms and tails. As well as legible membrane on the neck that attached all the way to the back of their head.   Female Jubilee possess slender figure and exposed mammary glands. Compare to the male, female Jubilee is smaller in size.   Seeing a living and functional creatures like this, Umia would like to communicate with them. Umia creates an empty shell that mimics jubilee anatomy structure, this husk of a body is now embodied by Umia's will. Thus Umia quest to commune with them starts with a good term. Since Umia can cater the living environment to their liking, it is no brainer for them to accept the offer.   Umia is on cloud 9 and immediately fusing itself to this beautiful green planet. The merging process took at least seven days and that's when Umia little project starts to take in effect. At first it was the temperature, a cool and invigorating atmosphere for Jubilee to live in. Then a body of water for them to unwind and hunt. Last but not least a roof on their head in a shape of a circular dome to allow natural sunlight comes in and Umia maintain Jubilee with care just like a goldfish in a teeny tiny bowl of water.  

One is not Enough!

  After successfully fusing with another body of star. Umia feels a new sensation of self-accomplishment. Riding on this feeling, Umia sets out to fuse itself with another body of stars. Each time Umia fuses, Umia becomes more and more gigantic with more mass and gravity well, Umia becomes obsessed with collecting races from all over planets.  

False Paradise

  Up until now Umia manage to collect at the very least three primary species from four different planets. Hence, Umia is creating a specific territories and biome for each of them. Creating the perfect place for them to live in and giving a sense of utopia for them. When one of them tries to leave or tries to break out from the designated place. Umia simply lets out a natural mist that covers that area to give them an euphoric sense of their surroundings, giving them a sudden urges to stay.  

Territories of Umia by far:


Watery Paste

Ocean-like area in Umia designated for Jubilee the humanoid stingray to live. Civilization in this area flourish with natural harvest from the sea.  


Barren land with harsh living condition for both plants and animals. Perfect environment for Shabat, a predatory arachnid that likes to feed on a weaker animals. This desert is a suitable playground for them.  


Great range of hills and mountain, a home for Mokka the humanoid elephant. Mokka reside at the summit of this place, using their trunk as a means to gather herbs and leaves from this paradiso.

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