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Money doesn't change people. It only reveal what's inside.
-Aranama Resident

Tokens (T)

Official currency that circulate inside Aranama. Ever since the corruption of Earth, it is difficult to set up a universal currency for all three races inside the mother ship. After a long discussion regarding the new currency, the three representative decided to create a new transaction system. Cryptocurrency that they call Tokens, a virtual currency that can be used with a simple finger scan to connect your Tokens account balance to make any purchases both online and offline.

Is it safe?

Three representative prioritize safety in mind. Every single data, purchase, or even transaction using Tokens are double encrypted and personalize to each and every user. So, it is easy to trace back if there's any attempt to hack or gaining access to each and every personal account, it could be dealt with more code to decipher which gives the cyber security system to kicks in to get minute details on the hacker.

Usage on daily life

Knowing that there's this option, some merchant jumps in and starts to use Tokens as one of the alternative to pay their services and products. When the word got out it is very easy and accessible, almost 87% Aranama resident starts to using it, the rest 13% are still going strong with paper money. Even though people see it as an obsolete way to make any purchase, however some merchant still accept paper money as a mean to pay their service. With Tokens, the user only needs to scan their fingerprints to the recipient Tokens device. It could be your portable phone, it could be your personal drone, and etc. To sweeten the deal, sometimes Tokens user could pay with installments up to twenty four times if they decided to pay with Tokens. This opens up a new business opportunity in Aranama.

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