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Star Charter

Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. -John.C Maxwell.

Star Charter

  Star Charters are the leaders of Aranama forefront navigator. These peoples relay information regarding their findings about possible planets to colonize. Star Charter have privilege to operate on a medium sized transport ship to gather quick surveys and data on planets that they set their eyes on.  

We want you to join Aranama Forefront Navigator!

  Aranama Forefront Navigator motto is NO MAN LEFT BEHIND! Every single charters embodied this motto and you'll work with partners all the time. If you're interested to join this organization, you'll need to complete basic training to show your compatibility and showmanship of your quality as a team player.  

Physical training

  Every candidate need to show their prowess and cooperation in obstacle course with their designated partners. It includes 2km runs, rescue mission, and space simulations.  

Mental Training

  Every candidate willpower will be tested through series of interrogation as well as psychological experiment as well to see how the candidate will react during intense period of stress.   When you complete both training, you're officially join Aranama forefront navigator. If you're aiming for Star Charter, then you need to find at the very least five hospitable celestial body for Aranama.


Find five or more hospitable celestial bodies that classified as hospitable for Aranama.


To relay information for Aranama resident and maintain the progress for Celestial Bodies research


First priority when it comes to food distribution as well as first in line to gain information regarding new celestial body.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If you broke the code and core motto of this organization. No man left behind, if you left behind your partner. Say goodbye to your rank.
Civic, Professional
Alternative Naming
Star Seeker
Length of Term
There's no maximum or minimum length of term, any charter could retire anytime when if they see the moment was fit.

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