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Ring of Aquilae

Circle from the ring represent the endless possibilities that you can utilize to create something straight from your imagination.

Power is neither Good nor Evil. But its user makes it so. -Erin Hunter
  Ring of Aquilae last usage was hundred years back counting from the current era. This ring was a symbol of hope back when Earth was still blue and tranquil. Bearer of this ring was able to transform any object into something else entirely different. Then again, this ring works with the law of equivalent exchange. When someone convert an object with this ring, this ring will take something tangible from your possession. Ring of Aquilae will consume some raw elements from the surrounding atmosphere and convert that into a intangible energy that can change matter in a mere seconds. For example, this particular ring will take some of your wealth (coins) when you attempt to convert a rock into a pillar.   With this ring, humanity manage to repair more roads, hospital, shelter, and much more. It gives out hope to humanity to set aside their differences and come as one family to help one another. Then again, after using too much the power and the elements that reside on the surface of the Earth. Age of Corruption starts to accelerate and it consume the Earth and makes it more uninhabitable world for everyone that reside there. Knowing that this is the last chance to do something, all of the races uses their last resource and everything that they had to build a gigantic mother ship Aranama to flee from Earth and find another planet to live in.  

Last usage of the ring

  Aranama is the last thing that Ring of Aquilae created before exhausting its power. After the last remainder of elements are used, the ring cease to function and turns into a normal silver ring with jade pattern etching.  

Bearer of the Ring

  Everyone truly have a chance to wear the ring, then again the ring choose its wearer. Ring of Aquilae react strongly to a person that have strong feelings to aid others. Both in rational mind and inside of their heart.
Second to none
1 kg
18mm diameter

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