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These crystals are more than just an elements. It is a gift.

Home of the Crystal

  Carzenite is a district dedicated for Elementals. It is uber famous due to its popular production of element crystal. Element crystal distribution starts here, and a lot of potential interested buyer went all the way here to procure their share of crystal. This particular crystal host a concentrated energy of a specific element. Coloration of this crystal will determine the element affinity. There are only six coloration so far ranging from red, blue, brown, green, yellow, and black.


  Contain pure fire element that could be use to produce fire by the leniency of its user.  


  Contain pure water element that could be use to produce water with the will of its user. It could changes into myriad shapes if the user controls it. I.E= ice and mist.  


  Contain pure wood element that could be shaped with the imagination of its user. The user could certainly change the shape and sizes alongside with its density.  


  Contain pure wind element that could be used to produce fresh air with the essence limit of its user. Essence will indicate the purity of the user. If their flesh/vessel is contaminated with augments, then it will affect the end result from this crystal elemental.  


  Contain pure lightning element. It is mainly use to generate power in the engine room or personal electric device.  


  Contain one of the rarest element that could be used around Aranama. Gravity This black element stone is usually used to create artificial gravity inside Aranama.     Before procuring this element crystal, there are some empty lots that could be used for potency test. To see if the crystal is properly working or not.

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