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Aranama Survival Guide

Hey, if you're reading this means you're taking care of your well being to the next level, Great Job!

Every single skill is useful, you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself. -A.S.E (Aranama Survival Expert)-
  Aranama Survival Guide is a five pages guide to keep it together inside this mothership. It consist of:
  • Aranama Layout (two-pages of mothership layout alongside with notable places to visit)
  • Emergency Contact (one page consisting of important number to call alongside with their coordinates)
  • Emergency Protocol (two-pages of emergency situation and how to handle it)

Aranama Layout

  Two pages layout that mention the region that belongs to human, awakened animals, and the elementals. They have their own sets of region alongside with the notable building on each region. Each designated area is equipped with portable escape pods in case anything happened and to use a building located from another region will require a permit from each region representative.  

Selected Human Region

Eight designated area for human development and two neutral area for communing with other races. Humans pursuing knowledge and willing to spread their love of linguistic to the other as well. School of Language is one of the notable building in this region.   School of language will provide the necessary curriculum for anyone to digest and documents needed to hone their linguistic skill-set after they're graduating.  

Selected Awakened Animals region

Eleven designated area for awakened animals development and three neutral area for communing with other races. This area also get more sub-division due to the nature of herbivore and carnivore from their bloodline. Training Ground is one of the notable building in this region.   Training ground from the animals provide state of the art equipment for you to train your prowess and agility to undergo duress and stress from space voyaging. Ranging from mobility and strength training is available here.  

Selected Elemental region

Ten designated area for elemental development and one neutral area for communing with other races. Elemental gain their approval by helping to reserve Aranama power throughout the search of a new home. They get the majority of the region that have more spaces. In return, they'll only allotted one neutral area for leisure and communing. Great Library of Magus is one of the notable building in this region.   Great Library of Magus holds some of the "do it yourself" everyday magic all the way to lethal magic that only elemental have access to.   Those are some of the things that you can find on the layout. It also mention places such as Market Region, Medical Region, Entertainment Region, and also places where they hold communal events such as public holiday from Earth Gregorian calendar.  

Emergency Contact:


Human Representative

#62-4158675590 (Margo)

Awakened Animals Representative

#63-6779572582 (Neek'Tha)

Elemental Representative

#64-9873453421 (Radion)

Public Technician

#65-0214534768 (Mortimer.CO)

Public Healthcare

#66-5549685775 (Amity Gen Hospital)  

Emergency Protocol

  Aranama protocols cover engine faulty, food shortage, extraterrestrial threat, and many more. Here's the basic steps for citizen:  
  1. Ensure your own safety (check your well being with Aranama Monitor)
  2. Assess the situation and notify the appropriate authority number listed on emergency contact
  3. Make sure you have your standard issued Life Jacket
  4. Get to the communal area & be ready if escape pods are needed to be use

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