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"twelve Fingers" Sherbus

The less you know, the better.

Right man for the job

  It is uber hard to maintain the law inside Aranama. By all means, no one is above the law and Sherbus would like to keep it this way.   Sherbus consider himself as one of the eyes and ears around Aranama. He is stationed as a botanist inside this ship. His regular nine to five jobs provides good sustenance for the people of Aranama. Then again, after the job is over, he starts to wander around the ships. Hopping from one establishment to another. Looking with his judgmental eyes and overseeing things. Sherbus often ask around about any updates regarding activities inside Aranama. Including food supplies, air supplies, and securities.   Almost everyone knows him since he's a familiar face for most of the night the most district. He's aiming at the seat of the council. With his expertise in herbology, he sometimes create uncommon drugs for the people that he lobbied into his favor. With his devious plan to take control of Aranama.   Sherbus keep distributing his drugs to the needy inside the ship and proceed to lace the dosage so it could cause mild to severe addiction. This is how he kept them under his leash and when the time comes. He'll strike for the high valuable target inside the ship, which is the council. Soon, he'll be the sole supreme ruler inside Aranama.  

Drug Distribution

  Sherbus will slip the tiny package of substance inside a package that suppose to go to the caterpillar and this way he can maintain his alibi and his image as well. When the Caterpillar made its daily routine, the people that receive the package will understand the meaning behind "Extra Delivery".

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