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V4B2C2: Journey to The Underworld


  • Avalon
  • Cas
  • Nialas
  • Vincent
  • Ranok (Agent Mandrake)
  • Kharon


  • Mage: Cas, Avalon, Vincent, FAE (Eridanus)
  • Mystic: Ranok (Eerie)
  • Pheramorph: Ranok (Eerie)
  • Angel: Kharon (Ethereal)
  • Phaetheons: Talos (Extraterrestrial)
  • Demons (Ethereal)


  • Fireflower Wand (Eridanus)
  • Ring of Storms (Eridanus)
  • Hat of 10,000 Logos (Eridanus)
  • Untrue North Compass (Eridanus)
  • Slyph Boots (Eridanus)
  • Archasteri (Eridanus)
  • Camera Phantasma (Eidolon)
  • Keshka's Diary (Eridanus)
  • Conjuring Key (Eridanus)
  • Death's Sythe (Etherial)
  • Umbrium Armor (Epiales)


  • Spectral Light (Eridanus)
  • Miasma (Ethereal)
  • Aureole (Ethereal)


  • Conjuring (Eridanus)
  • Evocation (Eridanus)


  • Ennyn's Emporium
  • FAE Headquarters: Elysium
  • Hyperborea
  • Irkalla




  • Spectral Light is Spectral dust set on fire using magic. Any invisible creatures within the light are revealed.
  • Vincent forces Avalon and Cas to work for him here by holding their contracts hostage. Cas tries to convince Avalon to resist, but he has to give in.
  • Vincent also demands Archasteri and Kehska's diary, much to Nialas anger. The group no longer has either after this point.
  • Ranok is joining the FAE as Agent Mandrake. Avalon gets mad at him for joining willingly, but Ranok points out that if he hadn't, then Nightshade has the resources to blackmail him into doing it anyway. At least in this way, he might use the situation to his advantage to seek out answers he always wanted to, even if it cuts off his access to magic. Avalon points out that this knowledge will be used to further subjugate people. "It always is, and always will be, until the hearts of mankind cease to be."
  • It is here the gang reads about the devil of Phaethon and Behemoth. When they give the information to Vincent, he remembers the writings in the library mentioning the devil of Phaethon, and later sends them there.
  • Vincent explains the Seven Kingdoms of old. Before the deluge. The Leviathan is the monster of the Deluge.
  • Vincent mentions that he's worried about eldritch abominations after reading Michael, Gus, and the twin's report on Behemoth. He thinks that the other one might be bound to waken soon, and he wants to prevent that.
  • The group Dogbane are in charge of hunting down the remaining guild members. Ranok explains who each one is and what they specialize in. Apparently, they're the best of the best.
  • Avalon points out that Michael is the one who stopped Behemoth, just so he knows. Vincent asks if he's worried that he'll come after him. Vincent tells him that he's known all along, found out from Cybele, and that one of the reasons he took such care to convince Michael to join is so that he could keep a close eye on him. If he meant to kill him, he would have done it already.
  • Avalon asks if he's planning on doing anything in the future, and Vincent claims that he doesn't have to. Of course, whatever danger Michael presented seems to have already been nullified by Avalon himself, if Vincent read the contract correctly.
  • Vincent binds their tounges using magic so that they can't speak of any of this outside his presence.

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