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Wild soul Barbarian

Even as a barbarian you have high affinity with magic and the arcane world, not in the way a wizard or a cleric would have it but on a primal level. Either your barbarian tribe or yourself was imbued with this magic, causing you to be a channel, although hard to control, this magic is powerful and shifts the way you manifest your rage.  

Wild rage

  Starting at third level when you choose this subclass your rage manifest the magic in your blood, this magic is hard to control and moves in unpredictable patterns. When you enter your rage and again at the start of each of your turns while raging roll on the wild rage table, the effect of this table last's until the start of your next turn and any save necessary is 8 + your proficiency + your con modifier.
d10 result Wild rage effect
1 Your wild magic carves for blood, increasing the damage any creature within 10 ft of you takes by your proficiency modifier
2 You gain 3 times your level as temporary hit points but you take your lvl as psychic damage and your maximum life is reduced by this amount until the end of your rage(this cannot reduce your max hp to less than your lvl but the temporary hit points stack with themselves)
3 One of your hands shifts and becomes elastic, you gain an attack option(with your main weapon) with 30 ft range, when you hit an enemy with this attack they make a str saving throw or get dragged until they are melee of you.
4 Your may use a bonus action to teleport up to 60 ft this round but you movement speed is reduced to half your base one.
5 Your magic shimmers around you giving you +2 Ac, allies within 15 ft of you also gain this benefit but you get a -2 penalty to any d20 roll during your turn.
6 Your feel your magic building up uncontrollably within you, at the end of your turn it explodes, dealing your barbarian level in d6 bludgeoning damage to any creature within 15 ft of you if they fail a con save or half if they succeed, you also take this damage.
7 Your magic acts as a beacon for fae creatures, you summon small pixies that fly around enemies within 10ft of you giving them disadvantage on their first attack.
8 Your magic leans into the more caring part of the feywild, at the end of your turn every creature within 10ft of you may immediately use a hit die(even if they are unconscious).
9 You get some control over your wild magic. Until your rage ends whenever you roll on this table you may choose to roll 1d5, 2d5 or 1d10. if this is the second or more time you get this result during a rage you may add or subtract 1 to any result from your wild rage rolls for each additional time you get this result until your rage ends. You also gain extra damage to your weapon attacks equal to this number.
10 Roll again twice on the wild rage table this turn(if this is the second or more time you get this result in the same turn you gain no benefit from this result).

Bolstering magic.

lvl 6.
You can harness your wild magic to bolster a companion. As an action, you can touch one creature (which cannot be yourself ) and confer one of the following benefits of your choice to that creature:
  • For 10 minutes, the creature can roll a die equal to your proficiency bonus whenever making an attack roll or an ability check and add the number rolled to the d20 roll.
  • Roll a die equal to your proficiency bonus. The creature regains one expended spell slot, the level of which equals the number rolled or lower (the creature’s choice). Once a creature receives this benefit, that creature can’t receive it again until after a long rest.
You can take this action a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.  

Unstable backlash.

lvl 10   When you are imperiled during your rage, the magic within you can lash out; immediately after you take damage or fail a saving throw while raging, you can use your reaction to roll on the Wild rage table and immediately produce the effect rolled.    

Beacon of the wild soul

  Starting at lvl 14, whenever you roll on the wild rage table roll twice and apply both results, if you roll the same number on both dies you choose 2 effects from the table to apply.

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