The Retribution Alliance

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Current Timeline: The Chymoús War
"If you ask me, this pact will only end in ruin. A racial war will break out and blood will be shed before the new century between the Moonlight Expanse and Itude Empire."
— Sorrel Kingdom Politician, 1413 EoL
The continent of Chymoús is an overcharged political climate. While the continent is split down the middle with the Moonlight Expanse on the west coast and the Itude Empire on the east coast, the continent was originally formated with only the Werewolves, Shapeshifters, Merfolk, and Phoenixes living together as one. Though, the arrival of the Vampires in the 12th century sparked the beginning of change throughout the continent.   Though there are powerful alliances throughout the continent, the most powerful one is the Retribution Alliance, formerly known as the Ordnance Alliance. This alliance's best interests revolve around business, trade, and warfare. The Confederation contains five militaristic, powerful, and wealthy organizations that use their influence on civilians to help them with their cause through the war (at one point, there were six organizations).  


"True peace can only be found through hard work and determination, but bloodshed will never accomplish those things."
— Druidic Politician, 1973 EoL
Back in the early 1200s EoL, the Moonlight Expanse, Sorrel Kingdom, Conjura, Phoenix Sun, and Flight Academy made a pact to keep the continent safe. This pact was called The Ordnance Alliance, where they worked to keep the threats at bay and not put anyone in danger.   At one point, the Flight Academy got caught up in a Civil War with their people that led to the Conjura and Moonlight Expanse getting involved with their conflict. Some of this conflict brought a few new changes to the table, such as putting direct harm onto any of the organizations attached to the alliance pact. The civil war within the Flight Academy was quickly brought to a halt and the problems were resolved.   Then, the vampires arrived in 1372 EoL to build the Itude Empire, which resulted in the Moonlight Expanse having some issues with the vampires roaming freely. As fights broke out between the Moonlight Expanse and Itude Empire, the other organizations felt it was deliberate and offered for the Itude Empire to join them.  
"A perfect spy has no fear in the field."
— Assassin-Spy Griffin, 1538 EoL
As of the year 1410 EoL, the Itude Empire joined The Ordnance Alliance and used their newfound connection with the other organizations to create a stable treaty titled the Treaty of Chymoús. This treaty allowed for equality between the werewolves and vampires, keeping an impending war at bay.   Peace was kept for another eighty-two years when the Itude Empire organized an attack on the Moonlight Expanse, citing that the four reigning Alphas killed the empire's Empress. Due to a lack of evidence, the other organizations of the Ordnance Alliance banished the Itude Empire from the alliance and sought to "take care" of their threat. This caused them to change their name by 1493 EoL to the Retribution Alliance as they ended up joining the war to support the other organizations.

"As the moon shines bright,
Our flight won't falter,
Nor nature dissuade us,
Since we rise from the ashes,
And wash away our threats."

Public Agenda

The true reason for the Retribution provides peace on the continent and that the war will not bring about anymore harm to the organizations. The Retribution further states that it is the purest form of the alliance to date as they categorize the vampires as true enemies of the world.  

Politics & Practices

The Alliance follows two types of agreements on both land and sea. Due to these agreements, the Alliance meets four times a year over the use of Communication Crystals. Each of these meetings explains what is going wrong or right with their territory. At this time, they are allowed to ask for help or decline any form of help if need be.   Every five years at the first meeting of the year, they are allowed to write up a new peace treaty that lets each member organization know what assets are going to be needed for the next five years.  

Agreement of Land

The Moonlight Expanse, Conjura, and Phoenix Sun work with the land, setting up peaceful delegations between each of the groups.  

Agreement of Sea

The Sorrel Kingdom has control over the sea as well as the Flight Academy since its islands float above the sea. They are the ones who help gain foreign assets for each of the member organizations.

Faction Delegations

Emblem Nation Species Description

conjura shield.png

Conjura Elves
Out of all the species on Chymoús, they were the ones to fight for peace between all, including the vampires. They also choose for the alliance and pressed the others into joining them because they didn't agree with the brash nature between the Itude Empire and the Moonlight Expanse. The High Elders are those who try to keep the peace between the common druids and the warriors, attempt to make sure both sides don't want annihilation, and absolute warfare.

Flight Academy.png

Flight Academy Avians
The griffins are a militaristic group that uses their flight mechanics to send spies into the Itude Empire. This can end up leading to many problems if their spies can be captured. With all the bloodshed going down, the griffins use their skills to cut deals with the other factions, such as trading information for resources. Because of this, the Moonlight Expanse has become one of their best dealers with giving them plenty of supplies for the fight against the empire while the griffins hand them valuable information to counteract the empire's advances.

Itude Empire.png

Itude Empire Blood Witches
Not many know that the Itude Empire was once a member of the alliance before the war began. Tragically, such an event happened to cause the rift between factions, and this led to many diplomatic fallouts.

Moonlight Expanse.png

Moonlight Expanse Humans
While werewolves run the Moonlight Expanse, they are the ones responsible for most of the warfare. Their connection with the Flight Academy has proven fruitful in the past five centuries. When trading begins, the Alphas choose which of the four other factions they wish to help most, and it usually ends up being with the Flight Academy, although negotiations with the Conjura, Phoenix Sun, and Sorrel Kingdom has gone over well.

Phoenix Sun.png

Phoenix Sun Humans
The phoenixes tend to bring peace with them wherever they are and one of their uplifting parts of the alliance has been keeping as many civilians as safe as possible. They are the ones who provide as much food, clothing, and various necessities for civilians to the other member organizations as possible. The current leader of the Phoenix Sun is Chief Ryze, who works tirelessly to administer comfort in the time of need.

sorrel kingdom shield

Sorrel Kingdom Merfolk
The Sorrel Kingdom, operating out of Eideen Bay of Marea Lumii Sea, consists of Merfolk and Siren alike, but humans are present in its civilians. Their naval fleet can easily outflank the Itude Empire and any of their other enemies. With the sea at their command, the Sorrel Kingdom quickly teaches those not to mess with them. When giving to others in need, they come in droves, using their healing powers to treat the wounded. To the rest of the Moonlight Expanse, those of the Sorrel Kingdom as lifesavers and the most important asset anyone could ever need.


Head Leaders of the Retribution Alliance

  • Niq Mani, Chief of The Wild Garden
  • Altair Lux, General of the Volant Isle
  • The Five Reigning Alphas of the Moonlight Expanse
  • Ryze, Chief of The Torched Emberlands
  • Kali Volnami of the Sorrel Kingdom

Leaders of the Moonlight Expanse & Itude Empire

Leaders of the Itude Empire

Leaders of the Moonlight Expanse

  • Barachiel, Alpha of Blue Desert Pack
  • Christian Morgan, Alpha of Silver Forest Pack
  • Lucian McClain, Alpha of Winter Moon Pack
  • Tyler Caldmen, Alpha of White Mountain Pack
  • Zach Lewis, Alpha of Shadow Lake Pack
Notable Historical People

ALPHA LYSANDER: He is said to be one of the four Alphas that slaughtered Empress Sin-yeona, and he views the vampires with disdain. During his time with the alliance before his assassination, he filled them with the "rumors" of how evil the vampires were and how they planned on taking control of the world.   DUKE ENZO SANGELFIQUE: He was one of the few vampires who had massive martial arts talent when it came to slaughtering wolves up close. The day he was slaughtered, he managed to take over 1000 wolves with him to his grave, which is known to be close to Blizzard Ruins in the White Mountains Territory of the Moonlight Expanse. He has thus been succeeded by his only heir, Duke Alestar Sangelfique.

The Current Alliance (with members)

The Original Alliance (with former members)

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