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Escin, world of Mythics

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Bedany, twenty years post-Great War between the three other countries of Escin, is hitting the height of an economic and social boom.   Euphinity is at the epicenter, drawing the carefree, the carnal, and the courageous. At the center of it all is the Delphinium, a booming and shaking club that plays host to the never-ending parties of those known only as the Mythics.   Mythics are the greatest of the great magicians and wix, practitioners and pioneers the fields of elemental, bestial, and mortal magics. Warped beyond humanity, Mythics are more powerful, more charismatic, simply more than the non-magical Reggies could ever aspire to be.   The reggies of this generation are better off than those that came before. A hundred years ago, non-wix were little more than cattle for Mythics, and even prior to the Great War had no right to land or peace. Euphinity is the crowning jewel of the newly emancipated reggies of Bedany, as well immigrants and asylum seekers from not-so-progressive states.   Four Euphineans, Mythic and non, navigate the social and political miasma that consumes their city.

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