Titan Era Glossary


Ambrosia: a honeyed wine fermented from the apples of the World Tree, allowed exclusively to Titans. Increases longevity and pneuma, as well as acting as an aphrodisiac.
Ambrosial War: Ancient war during the Golden Age that ended with the establishment of the Ouranid League.
Ananke: the force of destiny, usually represented by the Moirai (Fates)
aristos (aristoi): Aristocrats (members of a genos).
genos (plural genē): a bloodline tracing descent to one of several divine figures; properly applied to the descendants of the six Ouranids
gymnasium: training facility sometimes accompanied by a philosophical school
hetaira (plural hetarai): a courtesan
metic: an expatriate
Moirai: custodians of Ananke (i.e. the Fates)
Nectar: an illegal Ambrosia knockoff. Causes psychotic fits.
Oracle: one who can use the Sight for prescience. Generally believed to receive visions from either the Olympians or the Fates themselves.
ostraka: poetry shards used for records not worth transcribing to papyrus rolls
Ouranid League: Ruling hegemony of Titans during the Golden Age. Overthrown by Zeus and the Olympians.
pallake: a concubine
Pneuma: life energy that fuels Pneumatikoi
Pneumatikoi: Titan superhuman abilities
polis: a city-state
symposium: a drinking party
Time of Nyx: Prehistorical dark age ended by Ouranos and the first Titans.
Titanomachy: A war in which the Olympians overthrew the Ouranid League.


hoplite: armored infantryman carrying a hoplon (shield)
Krypteia: secret police force in some city-states
pankration: unarmed combat style
panoply: complete set of armor
phalanx: rectangular infantry formation
trireme: a galley with three banks of oars


acropolis: high point of a city, usually the civic and religious center
agora: public square for politics
pediment: triangular gable above a flat lintel, atop a temple
peristyle: colonnade surrounding a building or courtyard


exomis: men’s tunic
himation: mantle worn by men and women
khiton: long tunic worn by women, or men on formal occasions
peplos: a woolen full-body cloth worn by women


drachma (plural drachmae): silver coin worth one day’s pay
obol: 1/6 of a drachma
talent: 600 drachma
tetradrachma: 4 drachma


chimera: a monster possessing traits of two or more natural beasts
Cyclops: oversized Gigantes with a single eye
Gigas (plural Gigantes): a Titan who has mutated and become monstrous due to consumption of human flesh
Moirai (a.k.a The Fates): theoretical incarnations of Ananke perceived as sisters weaving on a loom
Nymph: a female Titan of lesser status and power
Olympian: self-assigned title of Titans oathbound to Zeus and his seat of Mount Olympus
Ouranid : one of six Titan winners of the Ambrosial War who ruled the Thalassa world until the Titanomachy.
Titan : divine-blooded race that rules the world as living gods. Though human in appearance, they typically possess above average stature and beauty.

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