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Tapestry of Fate: What Has Gone Before

Herein lies a summary of previous books in the Tapestry of Fate series. Spoilers abound.  

The Gifts of Pandora

Show spoiler
The hetaira Pandora attends a symposium hosted by the Pleiades, working as entertainment. She notices the Pleiad, Kelaino, talking to the Titan Prometheus. Prometheus gives her a strange look and she becomes curious about him. Pandora decides to seek out Prometheus a few days later and they spark an unusual friendship. Together they attend a play. Later, Pandora is summoned by Kelaino to another symposium, this one meant to placate an irate Zeus who suspects the Pleaides in distribution of illegal Nectar. Pandora loathes Zeus and wants to refuse the invitation, but needs the money. To prepare she goes to a public bathhouse, where she encounters the Oracle Brizo. The Oracle foretells the destruction of Atlantis, shocking Pandora. Pandora assumes it means Zeus will turn on the Pleiades, and she wants to stop him.   Thousands of years prior, Prometheus's and his daughter Pyrrha are living in Tethys's city, Thebes. Tethys's children, Hera and Styx, harass the teenage Pyrrha and kill her dog. Spurred by the death, Pyrrha discovers she can see ghosts. Over time, Pyrrha's psychic abilities intensify and she begins to experience strange dreams. Tethys's daughters continue to persecute her, but Tethys's son Poseidon shows her friendship.   Athene, Zeus's daughter, goes to visit her half-sister Kirke, on the island of Ogygia. She reluctantly reveals she was raped by Hephaistos and wants to abort the babe. However, she changes her mind before Kirke finishes the tincture. Athene swears blood vengeance on Hephaistos's genos.   After Athene leaves, Kirke meets with her friend Kalypso. The two of them are behind the creation of Nectar, trying to create a replacement for Ambrosia they can use to allow Man to escape from Titan rule.   Pandora attends the second symposium and spends some time with Prometheus. Kelaino orders her to attend Zeus, and upset, Pandora wanders away. She stumbles over the corpse of one of Zeus's entourage, Enyo. Zeus uses the murder as an excuse to execute the Pleiades, and chaos ensues. Prometheus helps Pandora escape the palace, to and together they flee to his home on Ogygia.   Pyrrha's psychic abilities grow stronger still, and she is almost overcome by ghosts. She is rescued by Poseidon, who then tries to extract sexual favours from her. When she refuses, he tosses her into the river. She emerges to find a sorceress, Enodia, who offers to train her. After years of training, she uses sorcery to gain her revenge by allowing Poseidon to become possessed by the siren spirit, Nereus. For this crime, Tethys banishes her from Thebes. Prometheus tries to take her to Ogygia, but she refuses to stay with her father.   Pandora and Prometheus come to Ogygia and have to tell Kalypso her mother, a Pleiad, is dead. Prometheus takes Pandora to his Aviary where she sees him working on a puzzle box. Pandora inadvertently discovers Kirke is brewing the Nectar. She goes to tell Prometheus, but learns Zeus has commanded he come to Olympus. Pandora goes with him. Zeus demandes Prometheus reveal the identity of the child who will be his downfall, a prophecy Prometheus has apparently given him. Prometheus can't or won't tell him, and Zeus imprisons him in Tartarus. For his sake, Hekate helps Pandora escape the mountain, and the Titan Enki returns her to Ogygia.   Spooked by Zeus's attack on the Pleiades, Kirke and Kalypso decide to work separately rather than risk discovery. Kirke flees to Themiskyra, but is later called back by hers and Athene's common mother, Hekate, to help Athene gain her vengeance. Kirke reluctantly agrees to help undermine the Kreiad genos. Athene also intends to make her son the future king of Kronion. Determined to succeed, Athene wants to enhance her Sight. To do this, Kirke gives her Nectar, but Athene becomes addicted to the drug.   Pandora searches for a way to help Prometheus, but cannot think of any. In despair, she takes up the puzzle box and plays with it. It transports her thousands of years back in time to the time of the Ambrosial War, when the snow Titan Khione besieges Helion.   Helios's daughter Artemis breaks the siege by defeating Khione. Despite her actions, her father treates her as a burden for being female.   Pandora encounters Prometheus from this time. He shocks her, because he already knows her name. He again brings her to Ogygia, now before the Aviary is built. When she shows him the Box, he doesn't really know much about it. She realises he later builds it using the knowledge he gains by examining it now. Soon, Pandora and Prometheus become lovers. They have a child they name Pyrrha. Their happiness is interrupted when Kronos attacks Ogygia, looking for her and the Box. Pandora is separated from Prometheus. She tries to kill a teenage Zeus before he can ruin her life, but is stopped by a golden armoured, helmed woman, who drives her off a cliff. She almost drowns, but is rescued by Enki and Tethys, who take her to Thebes.   On behalf of her father, Artemis convinces her grandmother Phoebe to form an alliance with Helios, even though it means going against Phoebe's husband Koios. Once more, Helios gives Artemis's brother credit for her work on in his name. Still, Artemis fights the war on his behalf. When the war ends, Artemis arrange to reunite Phoebe and Koios. However, Koios prophecies that either Artemis or Koios will lead to the death of the other.   After Kirke is betrayed and used by a prince of Rassenia, she uses Nectar on him, and is shocked when it turns him into a bird. This leads to a falling out between Athene and Kirke. After Hekate returns from a journey to the Underworld, Athene gets her make a curse for Hephaistos daughter, Medusa, as part of her ongoing blood-oath.   Pyrrha wanders as an exile, eventually coming to Delphi to meet Themis. Through her, she refines her pyschic abilities. Later, she befriends Artemis, who saves her from the god of the Wood, Pan. They form a fast friendship. Enodia convicnes her to get Artemis to take her to see Phoebe, who knows of the Art.   Prometheus comes to Thebes and is reunited with Pandora and Pyrrha. Pandora thinks he knows more of what's going on than he will say. Kronos besieges Thebes, killing Tethys's husband, Okeanus. Pandora knows he won't stop without gaining the Box. She resolves to use it to find and save future Prometheus, then return to her daughter here. She travels through time once more, and finds herself in Atlantis, as the island begins to break apart. She almost perishes in the chaos, but is saved by her future self.   In the past, Prometheus tracks down adult Pyrrha who is now living in Phoeba with Phoebe. Pyrrha spurns all his attempts to get her to turn from the Art. She informs him, as a sorceress, she is now known as Hekate.

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