Ragnarok Era Glossary


Althing: A Thing to choose a king
Ás (plural Aesir): A collection of nine tribes originally living in Aujum, all claiming descent from the great Loridi.
jarl: head of a tribe, clan, or settlement in the North Realms.
shieldmaiden: a female warrior.
Sumarauki: middle summer festival
thegn: champion warrior to a king or jarl
Thing: an assembly of the governing body
Valhalla: hall where the honored dead warriors go
Vanr (plural Vanir): The people of Vanaheim, long worshipped as gods by the North Realmers.
völva (plural völvur): a witch or shamaness


berserk (plural berserkir): a werebear
draug (plural draugar): a revenant
dverg (plural dvergar): a dwarf
jotunn (plural jotunnar): a giant (not necessarily giant in size)
liosalf (plural liosalfar): a light elf
svartalf (plural svartalfar): a dark elf
vaettr (plural vaettir): an Otherworldly being
valkyrie: warrior women who choose the bravest of the slain for Valhalla
varulf (plural varulfur): a werewolf

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