Chronology of Published Works

The Titan Era

  • The Moments of Kadmus
  • The Gifts of Pandora
  • The Valor of Perseus
  • The Inferno of Prometheus
  • The Madness of Herakles
  • The Threads of Theseus (autumn 2022)

The Worldsea Era

  • Tides of Mana
  • Flames of Mana
  • Queens of Mana

The Ragnarok Era

  • The Son of Nott
  • Darkness Forged
  • The Apples of Idunn
  • The Mists of Niflheim
  • The Shores of Vanaheim
  • Days of Endless Night
  • Days of Bloody Thrones
  • Days of Frozen Hearts
  • Days of Fading Dreams
  • The High Seat of Asgard
  • Days of Broken Oaths
  • The Well of Mimir
  • The Radiance of Alfheim
  • The Shadows of Svartalfheim
  • The Gates of Hel
  • The Fires of Muspelheim

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