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Elven Magic

Since before the Empire, and since the Great Cold that had raged through our lands, our people had always known about Magic. Even the weakest peddler has seen, experienced, or even performed the wonders of magic. Although we have always been with Magic, only in recent Dynasties have we been documenting and progressing the limits of Magic.    

The Magic of our people is incomparable to all others, and they should both be in awe and in fear of our imperial might. - Shafin Duls
  The magic of our people is unlike the other nations and people. While the others are more about loose incantations and emotional hymns, our researchers and ancestors found structure to the chaos and power of magic. Our structure to our incantations and spellseither starts with the effect in order of first to last, or start from the inside out. Although this will make some spells sound similar, but for those willing to go and learn the necessary commands, they will be able to cast spells with the idea of their goal, understand every part of the spell, and can even create the new spells with proper thought.  
Magic Font Common: (First Command)>(Second Command)>(Etc. Command)
This font of magic will be mainly be used to affect the world around you in very simplistic ways or for magic that only requires less commands. This kind of magic is more for everyday caster and/or a more methodical casters.  
Magic Font Advance: (Last Command(middle Command(First command)Middle Command)Last Command)
This kind of font is very hard for some to grasp and to even use properly. Although for the more experienced of casters, this should be no problem. This magic unlike the other is said in one word combined with the every part of the Magic Commands. Although one could only say the correct word and cast it, it is advise for the caster to know what the Spell does and what each part of the command means. This kind of Font is used for the more Dynamic Magic that effects the the surroundings intensely, Magic that has more of an instant effect, and is used in the military for a class of magic called Combat Magic. The name itself is self explanatory. Now some examples of these Fonts are as such:   Magic Font Common
  Magic Font Advance
Light Blast: Lax-Zol-Nal

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