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The Lost Comb of Queen Layarna

The Lost Comb of Queen Layarna was a decorative hair comb made for the ancient legendary Queen Layarna of Eltari. It was gifted to her on the day of her coronation and became a symbol of her rule. It was intended to be passed down to whichever heir would take the throne after her, but it was lost either just before or just after her death.  

Material and Appearance

  Although no detailed visual depictions of the comb have survived, contemporaneous sources describe the comb as being made of black metal. The exact chemical composition and dimensions of it is unknown, but texts describe it has having a fan-shaped decorative handle larger than an adult's palm, and a lower part of fairly long, wide teeth, designed to be able to hold up the weight of the top part while worn in conjunction with a braided up-do worn high on the head.    The center part of the fan depicted, in finely cast detail, Queen Layarna on horseback driving a lance into a great, muscular bull.  This scene is said to either signify her slaying the mythical beast Rathor, usually described as a great fire-breathing bull, or her driving out the warlord Keld, whose family crest featured a bull, from the area. Of these two theories, the latter is more accepted by historians.    The edge of the fan was inlaid on both sides with finely polished pieces of amethyst and peridot, the largest of them about the size of a pea. Written sources state that when worn, the scene was visible only from the back, and from the front only the top of the comb was visible, giving the impression of jewels strewn directly in the hair.  


  Records indicate that when Queen Layarna's daughter, Queen Ileirna I, took her mother's throne following her death, she did not don the comb as part of her coronation ritual. Throughout the centuries, many stories have been told about what happened to it, though most historians came to believe it was simply buried with its wearer. However, when a grave believed to be that of the legendary queen was uncovered almost two millennia later, no comb was found.

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