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Crown's Languor

Crown's Languor is the name given to a condition that commonly affects the upper classes of Baeleth, and particularly the younger generation. It is often referred to simply as "Languor" or "the Languor". It got its name due to being first officially observed in Prince Allian of Baeleth, who died in his 24th year as a result of organ failure brought on by protracted struggle with the disease.  


  The common symptoms in the early stages are hair loss, loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss and a general absence of vigor and enthusiasm. Additionally, other symptoms of malnutrition or deficiency of particular nutrients may also be presents. These symptoms become more pronounced over time. If left untreated, intense fatigue accompanied by dizzy spells, rashes and anemia often develop. Apathy often becomes the dominating emotional note for sufferers, though depression and severe melancholy also occurs. Most cases of Languor are not terminal, but when it occurs the specific cause of death is usually organ failure resulting from malnutrition and the cumulative stress of the condition on the body.  

Cause and Treatment

  Crown's Languor has been connected to the smoking of a substance commonly known as blue or blue pitch, an opiate imported from overseas. It is ingested to ease worries and facilitate weight loss, but appears to have addictive qualities. In spite of this smoking blue remains a popular practice among the nobility, due to its calming and appetite-suppressing qualities. In fact, the practice has become so common that it has given rise to a small but highly competitive market of luxury wig-makers in Baeleth. The only known treatment of Crown's Languor is an interruption of blue consumption and the resumption of a healthy, balanced diet. In many cases this alone will lead to a full recovery, but in the case of lengthy bouts of Languor, some symptoms may remain long after.

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