Eryphir Campaign Setting

The Land of Eryphir A magical "dieselpunk" setting for 5th Edition!   Eryphir is action and adventure in the Neo-Arcane Age. You inhabit a world where magic is tempered by science, and your daily life is shaped by incredible magically-engineered inventions.   Captains of industry and The Sovereign compete for the hearts and souls of the people, while you and your fellow agents work in the shadows to defend and serve the Commonwealth...or sell your skills to the highest bidder.

The world of Eryphir is unlike most of the campaign settings available today. While a large number of fantasy games play to the vast mythological references embedded in our collective human history - or simply pull from Tolkien - Eryphir is different. The world of Beonnis is one that has seen four epochs come and go, each with its rulers, tyrants, and overlords.   Today the people of Baennor have come together to advance civilization well beyond anything the planet has ever seen before. Amazing technologies have emerged over the last several decades that have propelled society into a new age. An age of wonder and excitement, one of prosperity, and limitless potential.
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