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Ulyean Blackguard

Ulyean Blackguard is a middle aged, stoic, and very proud dwarf man. He is short, bald, with broad shoulders and a long black beard that he keeps in a tight, single braid. He is the captain of the Blackguard, an elite dwarven force in charge of protecting large shipments from the city of Starrengeld Hall. He and a rank of his Blackguard live in a barracks in the Village of Starren, where they continue to train and hone their skills as some of the city's last defense in the event of an attack. He is proud of his men and their standing. They all wear a special set of armor, created especially for them by some of the master smiths up in Starrengeld Hall. Their armor is a clean matte black that seems to take in the light around it instead of reflect it back. This armor is incredibly light and strong, as well as suited for stealth in darkness.

Current Location
Village of Starren
Inky Grey, almost black
Bald, tightly braided black beard

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