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The Guild of Adventurers

Explore New Lands
Learn The Unknown
Protect Those In Need
  Syvahl's Guild of Adventurers serves a similar role to a college for the adventuring type. There are five main branches of the guild that members will select as a major that align with their interests and skill sets.  

The Blades


The Mages


The Clergy




The Artisans

Our Adventurers

Guild Adept

Gabe & Jeff - Interparty Conflict
Evora Dawn
Fred on Fyre
Pwrful Condor

Guild Initiate

Chris S.
Damian R.
Caitlin R.
Mike N.
Xanthea V.
Lucas D.
Michael G.


Dungeons and Randomness
Zero R.
Mike K.
Jamie B.
Christoff V.

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Character flag image: by Damian the DM


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