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The Dragonbonds

It's is said that millenia ago, long enough that most records have been lost, Dragons were real and they roamed the earth. Their existence fuels much of the myth around them today and over time, as tomes and tablets have been lost to time, buried, and forgotten, none remember a time when Dragons walked Erylia.   They were not all the beasts that myth has led the commonfolk to believe. In fact, there was a peace between the mortal races and them, much as there is a peace between the mortal races today. As a demonstration of this peace, some of the eldest Dragons formed a bond with members of the mortal races. These bonds between mortal and dragon started the Era of dragon riders.   Signifying these bonds, each pair had an item forged between them, one that spoke to the rider, but was made in the likeness of their dragon and held a piece of their Dragons soul within. These artifacts are what were known as the Dragon Bonds.   Much like the Dragons of lore, these artifacts have gone missing over time. It is unknown if the were sealed away, deliberately lost, or hidden for a time when they would be needed again.  

Recovered Dragonbonds

  Fioch, the Great Axe of Kaerevak, Dragonbond of Doitean  

Known Dragonbonds

Lobhadh, a pair of Twin Daggers wielded by Rahdeem, the rider of Aigeadach
Gorta, a Rapier wielded by Vyrea, the rider of Nimh
These dragonbonds,their weilders, and the dragons they were associated with were revealed to Kenina by Doitean in their dreamscape during EE-3-12.

Unknown Dragonbonds


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