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L'Vy'Ae-dul-Tyr'Vah, Water of Life, is an elegant liquer made by the Elves. There are many different variations but the core ingredient is sap from trees native to their homeland which carry trace amounts of magic. This sap is fermented, distilled, and infused with herbs and berries, usually also native to the Elven homeland, to create the different variations and give it a more pleasant flavor. The drink is meant to be consumed slowly and socially to savor the flavor without getting too intoxicated. If consumed propperly, the drink goes down smooth with a whole body warming sensation and is filled with complex flavors from all of the ingredients that go into making it. Consuming it too quickly will not only taste overly bitter and awful, but the warming sensation hitting all at once will feel akin to drinking fire.   As a social beverage, and standard serving vessel for L'Vy'Ae-dul-Tyr'Vah is a rack with a central bulbous decanter with a long stem that holds that liquid surrounded by four or six small cups for serving. It is not uncommon for wealthy elven families to have even larger vessels for family gatherings.

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